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After months of unemployment and even more with part time work I finally found myself a full time admin role which means professional Emma has to leave the house and say hello to the office arena. Working in an office whether you're self-employed or not can be great for productivity but it can also help separate your personal life from the business side. Having those little reliable bits and bobs can make your work day a little more comfortable and manageable plus give you a few moments to get back in the zone for your way of working. These are a few of my desk essentials that can help keep the unproductive blues away, what are your necessities?

Hand cream - Hands get a lot of stick in life and they do so much that it's good to take the time to care for your digits, especially as the colder months are really beginning to creep up on us meaning central heating or chilly temperatures can take a toll that really drying the skin. I'm a sucker for either Soap & Glory Hand Food or No.7 Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream, neither have overpowering scents and a quick drying formula which is good for a busy environment and you need to crack on with the next item on your to do list.

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Pens, notebooks & to - do lists - It's been documented on the blog many a time but I'm completely obsessed with stationery and am always looking for new additions for my already overwhelming collection however these are possibly the most practical of the whole selection of essentials. Finding pens that write, feel good and have a good balance to you is important, even if you get emotionally attached to your favourite equipment you can normally get cheap refills from most stores. Although when working in an office environment I tend to use cheaper ones that are expendable and aren't so upsetting when someone borrows or pilfers your stash. To-do lists are good too as you can plan out your day and make you give a determined effort to finish it.

Lip Balm - As we're heading into the colder months the probability for chapped and split lips is on the rise, so not to be caught short (and have luscious shiny lips) I buy multiple Carmex balms that can be left in coats, bags, side of the bed and my office drawer. These tiny tubes are also great fighting off the lunch break as you want to let the balm do its glorious work and sink in however when applying this brand it can be a little more greasy on your finger tips.

Hand Sanitiser - When working with others we sometimes forget about all the bacteria that can be transferred especially as the dreaded flu season is yet to hit so a small way to battle off a potential bug is to clean your hands every now and again. These are really affordable and can be bought from any supermarket, for me I pick up the most cheap and cheerful product that has the possibility to have a nice scent about it. 

Perfume - Although when younger I didn't always have an affinity with different sprays but as I've gotten older I appreciate a good ol' spritz of a sweet scent, my fragrances are nothing high brow they alternate between Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom, Giorgio Armani's Si and some of the Zara perfumes. Throughout the day you can feel the good morning vibes slowly drain away, one way to feel refreshed is to spruce yourself up with your most loved scents, personally I'm a fan of berries and slightly sweeter smells. What are yours?

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Bobbles & Hair Clips - As a girl with long hair it can be annoying when your beautiful locks constantly fall into your face and constantly putting your fingers through your tresses to have some momentary relief will build up a bit of grease - not something you want when you're trying to get into a rhythm. Having a pot of trusty hair styling items can quickly save you when you need to fix your barnet or change up your look.

Snacks & Mints - I'm all about food but when you're so focused on your work occasionally you lose track of time and when your stomach begins to rumble but you don't want to stop your flow having a few mini packets of something can fight off the hunger pains for a little bit longer. Plus if someone else is also a hangry beast you can share out the goodies like the good Samaritan you are.

Deodorant - No one likes the feeling of being icky especially if surrounded by others (some of which can harshly judge you over the smallest of details) and at work when running about and getting things done it can undoubtedly happen. Slipping away to give yourself a spray can make you feel more human again and lessen the worry that everyone can smell you from a mile away.


Headphones - If you don't have the luxury of working from home or you work somewhere that's really quiet it can be unnerving and a lack of conversation or noise can leave you feeling lacking in your day, if you're not permitted the radio on for general use you can always plug in headphones and make the most of your lunch break. Sometimes if you're good at your job and depending on your work circumstances your bosses may allow one headphone to help with your motivation - there have been quite a few studies that suggest music is a not a hindrance but actually a positive thing.

Glasses Wipes - These are a surprisingly handy item to have hidden away in every place you situate yourself, as a glasses wearer these have fast become a necessity and rest of the family clan but they can be used for wiping away grease or dust from other equipment like iphone, computer screen etc. If you're a budding photographer they are really convenient when you need to clean your camera too. 

Rubber Ducky - Every space you inhabit for long periods of time should have a little personal trinket of yours, something cheery can always be looked upon to brighten your mood or have something relatable that you can focus on when the day isn't going your way. For a long time I've been a collector of rubber ducks I'm not sure what it is about their cute face or bright colours that gets me but if I see one it's probably coming home with me, I have a roman one, mini ones, spotty ones, a big one and many more so having something that gives you joy

What are your office essentials? 

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