20 Ways To Enjoy Summer Days

20 Ways To Enjoy Summer Days

Our hottest months bring with them many of the most loved things to do although Summer can be tough for me and my fellow vampires however the sun can be a wonderful boost for our mental well being. Here are just a few of my favourite ways to spend time when the warmer weather comes a' calling. Whether you're off abroad, sticking with the UK or stuck in the office being productive there are always little things that can help you enjoy the Summer months. What are your most adored actions to do in the Summer time?

#01 || Take a ride on a traditional carousel

#02 || Have a wander along the beach and / or watching the sea

#03 || Bury your feet in the sand so that they disappear when the waves wash in and out

#04 || Playing a round of crazy golf

#05 || Visiting the arcade to get all the tacky gifts & having a play on all the games

20 Ways To Enjoy Summer Days

#06 || Say hello to the local harbour & the community

#07 || Eat traditional fish & chips with newspaper wrapping & a splash of vinegar (yum!)

#08 || Drinking a little more than usual because you're on holiday or just because it's a beautiful evening

#09 || BBQ's with your nearest & dearest - all the food please

#10 || Visit an aquarium to gaze at all the beautiful fishes

#11 || Make colourful ice lollies, alcoholic or not

#12 || Wearing (& swishing) all the Summer dresses

#13 || Adulting with the best of them by eating icecream for breakfast

#14 || Go on more adventures with the sun, your camera & your favourite people (to country houses, garden centers or things like the Eden Project)

#15 || Late night chats coupled with good music & stargazing

#16 || Capturing the season thanks to all the photographs

#17 || Putting together a yummy picnic full of finger food

#18 || Lay back & watch the clouds going past

#19 || Dance around your room in your underwear thanks to the heat

#20 || Napping in the sunshine (although beware those water fights & sunburn)

What are your favourite things to do when the Summer sun hits?

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