My Most Loved Homebody Activities

It's probably become incredibly obvious from reading any of my past posts that I'm a massive homebody and have been since my earlier years. This permanent state of being is so strong it has now become a running joke amongst my family how fast I can jump into my pjs or comfy clothes from the moment I walk through the door after a day out. It's truly record breaking. Having those few reliable activities that you associate with home can make it easier for you to relax or it can allow you to take a little bit of home wherever you go on your travels, these coukd be anything from knitting, reading, painting, gardening or writing to name a few. Here are some of my most enjoyable ways to spend my down time, what about you?


This is the most addictive of my activity choices and what can seem like minutes can become hours of lost time, it can really take you somewhere else. Thanks to the boy, who very kindly updated my decrepit older model to a Nintendo 3DS XL Console reignited my love for travelling worlds such as Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and Mario Bros to name some usual contenders (yes my serious 'gaming' is reminiscent of a 12 year old and I love it). Although it is another reason to look at a screen which isn't great when you're trying to find an effective balance with screen time but it's completely different to anything else including: blogging, fitness, work and other lifestyle aspects with a major plus being that it can be played anywhere. This is a great option for holidays and you don't fancy picking up any reading material.


Speaking of books, me and reading fell out for a long time thanks to university and all the intense texts you have to pour over and analyse but over time we've slowly come back together. Like gaming it can be a good bit of escapism, for me in my half / hour of calm before finally sleeping it's the perfect time to snuggle with your favourite authors. Of late I've been going through my decent sized book collection which includes Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (which takes up a big chunk of my book shelf) they may be my solid, dependable reads that are well thumbed, minus a few new additions but I know his style of writing and it gives me immense joy so I'll gladly be a repeat reader. Reading is wonderful for not only letting us unplug from the online world but it allows us to learn new topics and develop our language. Who are you favourite authors or genres?


Although photography has the ability to capture any situation at any location, some of the best imagery can be taken in your home without the need for a big studio with all the trimmings. As I still live with family I'm no where near to making my own little office however creating your own teeny tiny set up can really push how you use your camera. Even a small corner of a room can still allow you to play with light but can also be an essential period in building your confidence, your own tastes and styling ability. Despite my degree in the subject I've learnt so much since that time and working with what I have proving not everything can be taught though the education system plus it can take your own pace to find your own way of doing things.

Films & Popcorn

Watching films has always been a huge passion of mine and it's still hugely synonymous with a good night in. Whether you're watching a firm favourite or taking a chance on something new there is nothing better than cuddling up with a blanket and a huge bowl of (buttery, salted) popcorn - with or without my most loved folks. This is awesome for a date night outing but when it involves a comfy sofa, pjs, snacks and a free price tag it's infinitely the better choice.

Tidy & Organising

A confession of mine is that I haven't always been the most organised of people and although I still prescribe to the occasional piles of stuff mentality. I've become a sucker for tidying and I've noticed a real difference in the clarity of my thinking when I physically give things a spruce and afterward when it's maintained - hello happier and more positive vibes. This may be the old lady in me clearing away my junk but it can do wonders to have a clear space so you don't have to be distracted by the smallest of details. This can be done before you start your productive day or at the end when you're ready to wind down ready for tomorrow.

What are your homebody activities?

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