How Moving To Squarespace Helped Me & My Blog

At the start of April this year I announced the relaunch of Not Copper Armour and all the new things it had to offer with its look, feel and features - this has all been created due to a move to Squarespace. It's been the best decision I could have ever made for my tiny piece of internet and it's has the potential scope for so much more, which is why I thought it time to write about all the good things I've welcomed in since expanding the site. Are you considering a move to any other blog hosting site? Have you moved and do you like it?

Since the big move I've seen a change in nearly everything I associate with my blog from: style, to process, to analysing statistics - here's why I'm grateful for the fact I chose to push a little harder with a completely new set up for my passion project. Here's how I've grown a little in confidence:


With the evolution of my overall aesthetics and atmosphere, it feels my content in general has been given a lift plus it has boosted my confidence as a result. From the time I pressed published on the 'public' setting, not only have I interacted more on various social media (hello twitter chats) but I've also welcomed in a small amount of brand work too. It has expanded my professionalism and has pushed my ability to handle my on deadlines, whether they're self enforced or by others. In general embracing a new style can be the motivation to help develop your talent for approaching others and putting the feelers out for ways to broaden your blog to new heights.


When on my old hosting site of Blogger I went through phases of being either completely obsessed by any and all statistics related to Not Copper Armour or not having any kind of regard for them. Although it can be really unhealthy to become preoccupied with every single digit and it's progression (or fall) but a monthly breakdown at how your site performs can influence your content. Since relocating to Squarespace, I've taken a massive blow in terms of stats however I've found the measurements much more accurate and in depth than in comparison to it's previous incarnation - this has helped research what works well for the current audience and what could be a good move. Couple this with Google Analytics and it can adequately document your trajectory, looking at the contrast between months and even previous years.


One big motivator for moving to another host was that I was getting frustrated with the formatting of both text and imagery of preceding version. Unfortunately, despite Blogger serving me well for about 2 and a half years plus it's a great free starter of a site for any beginning for a blogger, it was time to say good bye. After the relaunch there has been more opportunity, higher quality images, a cleaner style of line and text; which has all led to really wanting to create elevated content that makes me happy. This has also swayed me into developing a change in my blog photography, which I can find challenging but so far progress has been good.


Writing can be a real test for some and for other they can simply roll off the tongue without any other thought but it can be determined by certain elements. A change in your writing style can be influenced by a whole number of reasons such as a difference in scenery, perspective and inspiration; for me it was falling in love with a new format and solidifying my blog post physical process. I've been getting excited about a post especially when I envisage how it'll potentially come together, of course it's not always plain sailing but that is another subject all together, including the text. Although my voice is not the particularly 'sophisticated' or 'cool' but I am proud of my ongoing progress with how I'm currently exploring subject(s). I just find it's good to sing your own praises once in a while especially if you feel like you're swimming against the tide, a blog revamp can encourage a whole host of new and old ways of thinking that can advance your blog in new ways.  

If you are considering a switch to Squarespace the post below can give you an insight into what to expect:

Are you thinking about a move or a revamp?

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