Life Mistakes & Why I'm Glad They Happened

We all have those moments where we remember those incidents that make us shudder, like how could we even consider that would be a good idea? Even years later these memories can make themselves known at any time. I used to be much more of a negative nelly, I would worry over everything I did and any potential implications that could happen even if they were unrealistic. As time has gone on and I've found my confidence I've learned that regretting past actions is pointless as every decision has led to where I am now. Inspired by other brilliant posts from Bolde, Hannah Gale and Thought Catalog, here's a really honest post on a few life mistakes I'm glad I made, what about you?

Staying Within The Wrong Friendship Group

School years are usually full of insecurity, as well as the usual teenage angst . For me there was a lot of bullying by both those who weren't in my friendship group and those who were. I felt suffocated, like I couldn't get out because I was never going to be good enough, pretty enough just - ‘enough’ in general and always the put upon for other’s negativity. Although I gradually found the strength to get out of that situation it has made me so much more stronger as I can now usually judge which people are good for me. With years of fakery you can usually tell when someone is being less than honest in some regard. 

Not Quitting University

I've completed 2 university courses, one for photography and another for teaching, the first was the hardest to handle in the last year for a number of reasons including homesickness, money worries, the biggest lack of support and partly for the below reason. The year I went to my University was the first year that Photography (once a stand alone course) would be integrated with an art section that included painters, sculptures and printers however because of the new layout we were left behind. I absolutely loved the city of Newcastle to study in but not perhaps the University to learn from in that year. Instead of being the stubborn miss I am, I possibly should've considered leaving the course or a different change of direction - I should've thought about what I really wanted vs needed (university isn't for everyone and that's ok), but that said if I didn't finish my course when I did it's possible I wouldn't have gone on to follow the path I have.

Playing With The Wrong Boy(s ?)

It's not often I discuss personal past relationships as at times it can feel unseemly plus the book of Emma does not have a big section on 'Love & Relationships' so it wouldn't be an interesting read but for honesty's sake it's still relevant. I was a girl who was slowly growing her confidence and didn't really find boys interesting until University, it was a turning point. I met a boy and and shock he seemed to actually like me to, whilst I knew he was never going to be my forever soul mate it taught me a lot about what I did and really didn't want from a relationship (and myself). No matter the status. 

Going Back Into Retail

After finishing my photographic degree I came back to my home city and fell back into my old retail job with a new store. Now whilst the job itself is not bad at all, it grew repetitive, boring, bitchy and not what I wanted to support myself. With a heavily competitive job market it's so hard to find your place however going back to retail taught me how to deal with others plus I met some great friends and even met my partner which I wouldn't have done so without begrudgingly doing something not entirely enjoyable.

What mistakes are you glad happened?

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