Letting Go When You're A Worrier

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It's natural to be concerned about certain elements of your life and dissecting the project, interactions and the day as a whole can influence you to make better changes if you need to. As time has gone on and as I've gotten older my worrier-tendencies have lessened but despite appearances I can still be a bit of a worry wort. Being a worrier can be a benefit but pouring over every small or big decision  and the aftermath can cause a negative impact to your health. Here are some ways to combat those worrier ways, how do you get out of your own head?

Worrying Often Doesn't Influence The End Result

When something really upsets you or doesn't quite sit right it can linger and it can be hard to move past once it's found a hook in your mind. Unfortunately no matter how long or hard we dwell on something it often has no correlation to the outcome, you can break down every aspect and that little voice of yours can ask 'what if?' but it rarely affects the end result. In fact instead of helping, more often than not a period of overthinking can seem to lead us down a dark hole which we can get lost in and we start to pick apart our own confidence and insecurities. A positive step forward could be to limit your worry time and realising what you can do differently, taking this forward to create a better outlook.

Try Not To Beat Yourself Up

Being a chronic worrier can mean you pick apart anything and everything, on occasion we ourselves do something we're not entirely proud of be it by accident or not. In the past I know I've put my foot in my mouth by saying or doing the wrong thing, it happens. I won't be the first or last person to do so but it doesn't stop me worrying over every single possible repercussion that could happen. It's time consuming, detrimental and a lot of the time it's not as bad as your imagination can conjure up even though we can work ourselves into a panicked frenzy. Apologising for your wrongs and learning from your mistakes can be something that comes with experience and confidence. It's important to realise that worrying can exaggerate the problem to the nth degree but you're not alone in this and often many people are dealing with their own daily struggles that they may not realise what you're going through. Giving yourself a break can let a little bit of kindness in.

Control What You Can

Life can be mighty unpredictable and what can aggravate your tendencies can differ between everyone but these times of worry can strike at any moment, especially when you're not expecting it. For me these times are most prolific at night, causing late nights, possibly a few tears of upset, waking up tired with a less than peppy, positive attitude. Taking care of what you can means that your stress levels and possible anxieties could be lessened, for example looking after your health, doing your best at work or in school and having happy relationships can help in providing you with those good vibes. When not in the happiest of places mentality, those worries are more likely to naturally creep in and even harder to stop those feelings of inadequacy, worries and self doubt but finding a balance with all that you do can help put a pause on those gloomier thoughts. No matter your best intentions things can still happen and sometimes no amount of prevention can prepare you but over time you'll discover your own way of dealing with things.

Do Things That Help Clear Your Mind

It's fair to say that when you wake up after a night of dwelling on your current problem(s) you can be left feeling drained and possibly not as raring to go as you should be. When I feel myself falling into these negative thoughts one way to try and push them away or hopefully erase some of the worries is to keep busy, when I'm truly productive and getting on with some good stuff it helps put some confidence back into your frame of mind. However this is admittedly quite hard to accomplish, as when you're head isn't in the game it can be tough and tiring to pick yourself up again. As well as keeping busy it's also important that you find those activities that clear your mind, for me it's the gym - although I was never a fitness lover and I'm still trying to not dread going to the gym afterwards I instantly feel happy and those worries are a little further from the forefront. What is your activity for clearing those worries?

Other Things To Remember:

#01 || You're not responsible for other people's emotions

#02 || You don't have to listen to another's opinion of you

#03 || Don't punish yourself if your path isn't quite like everyone else's

#04 || Even the most confident of people can have a mental wobble

#05 || Just do you but don't be an arse

How do you let go of your worries?

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