Lessons Learnt From My 1st Holiday With The Partner

Lessons Learnt From My 1st Holiday With The Partner

A confession of mine is that I have never once gone away with someone as a couple (any kind of couple), be it an issue of money, time or nerves it was never the right time. Fast forward to this year and nearly 4 years together it was about time me and my boy remedied this to have our own escape, after usually seeing each once or twice a week and on completely different schedules it was going to be a completely different experience. Here are a some of the lessons from going  on holiday with a partner and how to survive it. How do you spend your couple holidays?

Lessons Learnt From My 1st Holiday With The Partner

Be Sure Of Travel Arrangements

Although I like the idea of travelling I find I can be quite the nervous nelly when it comes to going across the country, we finally decided on Cornwall for our trip away as it was our first holiday not only was it easy enough to return if things turned into a downward spiral but it's a beautiful place to get lost in. As this was all our responsibility and as neither of us drive it was public transport all the way. Dotting the i's and crossing the t's when planning your adventures can help eliminate any extra stress on you as a person and between the two of you when communicating, even breaking down all the train stops you'll go past can make you feel a little more prepared for the day. That gent of mine even worked out how much time we had in between each train change so we could buy food to fend off the beast in me. This is also true of daily excursions, where we stayed there was limited internet and buses that sometimes ran twice a day - it meant taking into account our plans and working with what we had. 

Compromise On What Activities You Want To Do

Everyone is different and has their own interests so finding a common ground can be combative to some, luckily my gent was happy for me to make the majority of the plans but it's still about being respectful of what your partner likes. The boy was happy to wander and if there was some kind of 3G / 4G he'd play Pokemon Go! with me taking photos along side. However different holidays mean different activities but it doesn't just mean for special occasions like a holiday it could be for a normal day of the week. It's good to like other things as it means you have more to talk about when you see each other again. 

Lessons Learnt From My 1st Holiday With The Partner

Bring Things For Your Own Down Time

Even though you may adore your fellow holiday buddy you still need your own space, my and my partner are both content in our own company so sharing our time 24 / 7 was always going to be something new (and I'll admit the most nervous thought on my part). This follows on from the above point in having your own interests and whilst it can be all go on your jollies it's important to have those moments that are a little quieter so you're not overwhelmed. We discovered a few new things about each other like something as easy as what we like to watch on TV and a film day on a rainy sunday (although alien to us) can feel like a naughty treat. I brought my own blog stuff and a book whereas he brought his own items.

Share The Chores & the Expenses

As we don't live together at all finding our own rhythm with the even the most simple of house chores from cleaning to cooking was always going to be odd, we chose self-catering and naturally fell into our own roles, sometimes taking it in turns to do bits - although I still make the best bacon sandwiches. No one likes doing all the house work all the time but finding a compromise can benefit the nature of the holiday and your communication so you're not holding onto any resentment. Unfortunately a lot of folks do not have unlimited bank accounts, myself included - in fact I'm closer to having a pauper status but like the chores sharing what you can in terms of money is important as it's one of the biggest reasons to argue. It doesn't mean making yourself bankrupt but both understanding your limits.

What have you learnt from any type of couples holiday away?

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