Lessons Learnt From 3 Years Of Blogging

When you find something that really helps you to grow not only creatively but personally and professionally, especially if you enjoy it, is definitely worth sticking with even if it can be tricky at times. A passion I've come to adore over the past 3 years is blogging, with 2 of them publishing with a regular schedule. I thought in celebration of this achievement I'd share a few lessons I've learnt along the way (despite being the novice I am). What have you learnt from your own blogging journey?

Everyone's Journey Is Different

Blogging has had a great rise in popularity in recent years and anyone with an internet connection has the potential to build an online space. Regardless of subject matter everyone has their own unique journey to get where they want to be, with many at various stages of success and progress. Someone may have the perfect aesthetic, all the brand work and numbers but what we don't see behind the scenes can be the blood, sweat and tears plus all the hard work that goes into curating your website. Everyone has a unique story to tell which makes the blogging world that more interesting, instead of judging others on what we perceive is an easy or sell out route (or how successful they are) it should be an aspiration to help work toward your goal(s). 

There's Room For All Voices & Niches

As the internet is so big that trying to comprehend how many people contribute is mind boggling. There are so many positive and negative voices, some of which you may not agree with, there's a lot of angles and discussion but it's good to celebrate that there's a place for all. You can find like-minded people to bond with or you can research subject's you're not quite knowledgeable of.

Niches are a much debated topic within blogging, some say it's a good way to build a dedicated following whilst others claim it's too limiting as a content creator. No matter your area of interest there's place for you. When I first started blogging I fell over heels for lingerie and the bloggers associated with it, it's a close knit community that gets to obsess over new releases and old designs. Although the niche didn't work for me as a blogger there are so many benefits to supporting an area you're passionate about.

You May Not Make Money Or Be A Big Blogger & That's OK

Although many of us deny money and notoriety is of real importance, the fact is it's good to know that what you do is some how appreciated even if it's through the tiniest of gestures. Big numbers or money aren't the be all and not why I started, I pressed publish on my first posts because I felt creatively stifled and wanted to still play with my photography skills but since then I've said hello to other content creators and even worked with a couple of brands. Having a smaller audience can be a good thing as it's more contained and you can give more focus to your readers whilst staying true to your ideals in more manageable chunks. It's ok not to make blogging a full time career but it's great if you do, for me it just isn't on the cards right now. 

There Are Some Amazing Folks To Meet Through Blogging

One of the greatest things to come out of blogging is that through various social media and comments you can meet new people to discuss serious to silly topics. Not only can you find some amazing inspiration from so many talented guys and gals out there but it's also possible that you could in turn pass on your knowledge and good vibes to someone else.

& A Few Others

#01 || You'll become a chaser of light

#02 || Sometimes taking a break, no matter how much you love it, is needed

#03 || You'll wonder where your time went before you started blogging

#04 || There'll be so many promotional emails about anything & everything coming to your inbox

#05 || Reading blogs can be a great excuse for inspiration and an hour or so of peace

#06 || Some people will not understand why you blog or the concept of blogging

#07 || Productivity is a fickle mistress, sometimes it's there and other times it isn't

#08 || Your tone of voice and subject you want to talk about can evolve

Plus A Thank You

It's not an understatement that to other creators that my numbers are super tiny but after 3 years - for those who have read for a little longer and for those of you who have only just found Not Copper Armour. Here's to you and I wanted to let you know that you're truly appreciated - all of you. 

P.s. The Rocky Road cupcake was super yummy, I would recommend

What have you learned with your own blog?

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