Learning To Love Your Own Company

There are 2 types of people, those who love their own company and those who can't stand it however these states aren't always fixed. Learning to love your own company can be tough however there are ways to slowly build up your tolerance, it can be a good thing. Here are a few concepts that can keep the positive vibes going when you're alone. Do you like being by yourself?

Alone VS Being Lonely

As a self confessed introvert, spending time on my own is not an uncommon thing to be faced with and I relish it. Although I like people, being out and about can sometimes leave me feeling physically and mentally drained so having that time to get back to being 'me' again is a necessity. However to much time without any interaction can slowly make your isolated from the rest of the human race. Feeling lonely is something that can happen to all of us whether we enjoy moments by ourselves or not and prolonged loneliness can contribute to a tailspin of negativity coupled with a lack of motivation, being alone is not the same as feeling lonely but there are ways to combat this ... 

A Change Of Scenery

Everyone has their safe place, where they feel most at ease and usually this is home whatever form this comes in however as the saying goes too much of a good thing isn't healthy, meaning if you're stuck in one place for too long you can go stir crazy which can put a dampener on your productivty. Switching it up once in a while can help stop the cabin fever and benefit your mental breathing space. If you work for yourself or feel a little overwhelmed in the office taking yourself to a nearby coffee shop can give you a change of location, a new background to look at, the illusion of company without having to engage too much and the prospect of food (who doesn't want food?).

Don't Be Afraid Of Solo Adventures

Getting out of the house can be the small break you need instead of being stuck inside all day, it creates variety in your everyday plus help clear out the cobwebs in your head space. I adore those hours spent with my nearest and dearest however they're equally as good unaccompanied for example with a shopping trip to obsess over some great finds. Wandering alone can build your confidence for future individual situations but you can also be more focused in your task whilst getting a break from a few worries.

Spread The Love

You could really enjoy your own company but that doesn't stop you missing certain people in your and wanting them in your presence. Although no where near long distance at all but me and my partner see each other once a week (occasionally less than that) and as he's on nights and I'm on days coupled with the fact we don't have a place it can feel like we're ships passing in the night. Even though we may like our own space sometimes we just miss our favourite guys and gals. In fighting off those lonely vibes reaching out to your loved ones every now and again lets them know they're appreciated:

You could :

- Send silly pictures that remind you of them 

- Facetime just to see their them

- Buy them tiny trinkets just because you know they'd love it

- Email, text, video and letter

Time away is a good thing as you have more to talk about when you next see your favourites and you won't feel suffocated by others.

Find Interests That Keep You Entertained

Sometimes we're thrown into being by ourselves by accident so finding hobbies that you can enjoy long and short term can keep your engagement for longer. Expanding your horizons with new and old activities whether they're things like baking, film, sports, clubs, crochet, scrap booking or anything in between can help you want your alone time - it can make ou look forward to time be yourself.

Understanding Not Everyone likes their own company

It's not unheard of that some people just don't like themselves as a constant companion and that could be due to a whole host of reasons including ideas like, they feel loneliness more acutely, something has changed recently in their lifestyle or their memories and voices are too loud for comfort. Being respectful of their situation (they in turn can return respect the same train of thought) and that not all are built the same could help everyone come to a healthy balance. 

Look After Your Health

It's inevitable that when your health takes a hit then usually another area of your daily life suffers, for example when you don't get enough sleep the night before you can become restless, unresponsive, unproductive and a little testy - this can also be true if your diet isn't the greatest. Unfortunately this mean you're not always appreciative of your own wit plus when you try and play catch with yourself it makes your day harder to complete without the aid of a clear head.

How do you spend your time alone?

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