Taking An Internet Break & Why It's A Good Thing

Once in a while it's good to take a step back from the internet to recharge your own system, in so doing removing yourself from a screen and physically making a difference to your health. It's hard to find someone who doesn't have some kind of lifeline to an internet connection and consumes masses of information but here are a few reasons why a break to take stock away from a device is a good thing. How do you feel when away from the internet in a big way?

The past weekend was spent with family and good company and as such I didn't want to be distracted or insult them with an incessant need for just one more refresh of social media, the only exceptions were pre-planned twitter links and posts. Plus documenting any adventures with Instagram Stories, which is where you can usually find me for daily updates.

#01 || You are more present and in the moment, some time away can allow you to look at your company and your surroundings with fresh appreciation, not a fleeting glance before returning to a screen. You can also focus on yourself and analyse your actual needs and wants.

#02 || There will be the time to find and rediscover pastimes that never really factored in before, blogging and any big social media perusals can eat up hours of your time - hello to books, long walks, crab fishing and family games.

#03 || Physically you'll feel a little fresher, I'm usually found in front of my computer screen and my head can really feel the effects after a while. Getting out of the house can benefit not only your body but your mental well being too.

#04 || You don't have to listen to the onslaught of voices and opinions about any given subject, everyone has a point to make about every topic available under the sun even if it's interesting or not. An internet break can allow you to focus on your thoughts. Being online can distort your reality making your perceptions of what is good and bad a little skewed meaning time to yourself to process all of this is essential. 

#05 || With your phone you can ignore or turn off all your pings for various new notifications, although it's good to be a social butterfly it can be distracting taking your phone out ever 2 minutes not only for you but others in your company.

#06 || The temptation to look at one more tweet or a refresh of Instagram once more is a further from your mind. The problem is breaking the initial obsession with certain social media and its hold over you.

#07 || In linking with the physical side of recuperation, you'll be ready for a good nights sleep, looking at any screen just before bed can really affect the quality of your sleep plus some media use scientifically proven techniques such as the colour of the site and 'popcorn' influences that keep the brain stimulated. Putting the phone down an hour before can signal to the body it's time to let the deep sleep in (that you need for helping your body).

What are your favourite benefits to putting down your device for a while?

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