Getting Summer Ready

Although the weather is still currently in flux it is very noticeable that the temperature has been turned up, meaning it really is time to get rid of the echoes of the previous season. As it's time for holidays, bikinis, suncream and picnics I thought it time to start getting myself ready for the sunshine. Here are a few ways to prepare for the hotter weather, how are you welcoming in the summer sun?

A Wardrobe Update

When the summer hits it's the perfect excuse to venture outside for even more adventures for example country houses and their gardens are now open for a good wander. As I'm generally found inside (the vampire that I am) I usually stick to the same uniform of leggings and a big shirt but when the temperature goes up I find it's good to make more of an effort with your style. In order to put more emphasise on items you may not have reached for during the colder months is to have a clear out or an edit of your wardrobe situation. It can give a refresh to your style, can help identify where holes are in your clothes set up and you can also discover old favourites that may have been put on the back burner plus you can make room for more appropriate purchases that fit your current taste and needs.

A Beauty Regime Refresh

It's no secret that me and the subject of beauty (especially makeup) is not the first thing on the agenda however the subject is that much wider than certain items and when the heat gets turned up it can be extended to items like skin care and protection. As I have skin that is so pale it seems to reflect, it can be very prone to either a dry, red or sunburnt condition(s), which due to my own stupidity last year my shoulder became so badly burnt it lasted for months on end. Which makes it really important to keep in mind the damage the sun it can do (despite it being absolutely beautiful), this means an ample supply of any kind of moisturiser, suncream and aftersun.

Some of my top items in my arsenal include:

#01 || Nip & Fab Viper Venom Eye Roll-on

#02 || Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

#03 || Nivea Hand Cream & Soap & Glory Hand Food

#04 || Nivea Sun Protect & Moisturising Spray SPF 50

#05 || Nivea Aftersun Spray & Vitamin E Lotion

#06 || Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Up Water Intake

Dehydration can be commonplace if you don't take notice of your daily intake, it can cause headaches and dizziness but it can also be more serious in cases. Normally if I drink from a cup it has the likelihood of being left however if I have waterbottles near to hand that hold about 1 litres worth they'll be drunk in no time at all. Many brands have their own versions of water bottle, some more practical than others, a good slogan optional or not. 

Counting Down To Holidays

One bit of inspiration that can keep your motivation ticking over is thought of some time away with your favourite people, this year I'm off to the south of England and it'll be the first time me and the boy are holidaying together. Counting down the days till you're away can build up to the excitement and give you those little jobs to help, such as buying supplies or packing your suitcase - it makes it a real experience, something different and your anticipation can help put you in a positive mood before your bit of escapism. It doesn't have to be a big 2 week affair, it could be simple weekend away just to recharge your batteries so you can come back all happy and ready to go.

How are you getting ready to welcome in the Summer?

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