Getting Over The Bad When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

Life is something that can be like swings and roundabouts, one minute your confident in your abilities and where you're heading in life the next you've been winded by something unexpected which can be frustrating and upsetting. As I'm a in my very late 20s, I still feel a bit of a fake - I need to be an adult but I don't feel like one, plus with a few current barriers it's still a work in process however getting older has meant there have been trials and tribulations along the way which have passed on a few lessons. Here are a few things I've learnt and found that can be something to think about when dealing with your own personal setbacks, what would you tell someone having a hard time finding success (whatever that goal may be)?

#01 ||Not everyone will agree with your point of view, style, attitude or in fact like you as a person - it's annoying but accept that others have a right to an opinion. It wouldn't be as interesting if we were all from the same mould

#02 || Remember you overcame the last period, it could take months even years but it's possible

#03 || A good cry is sometimes needed, let it all out then move forward

#04 || If things don't work out with one route, try and find another way around your problem which could mean stepping back for a moment to assess why it didn't work

#05 || Make sure to look after yourself and give yourself a treat especially when times are tough, your physical and mental wellbeing are incredibly important to helping you work your way back to the top.

#06 || A lack of success in a certain area doesn't make you a failure

#07 || You're not responsible for the negativity of others, focus on you and how you see the world

#08 || Research ways to make yourself more knowledgable in your chosen area of interest become someone to go to

#09 || When something goes wrong it could open another door to that success you've wanted

#10 || You can't change things by worrying, although this is easier to say than putting into practice - confidence in yourself is key

#11 || Be proud of your scars, they can help you learn from the past

#12 || Every struggle is a step forward

#13 || Although it can be hard, look for the positive in amongst the setbacks and negativity even if it's really small

#14 || Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it and that could mean professional advice or a cuddle just till the momentary blues pass

#15 || What concerns you now may not matter in a year or two. Everything can be temporary even the unhappiness and frustration you feel now

#16 || The bad times don't define you but how you approach and handle it can 

#17 || Try to focus on realistic expectations for yourself and the situation at hand

#18 || Understand that other people don't have to do right by you, they can be really self-serving however the right person will see your worth

Remember you got this!

What would you say to someone facing a setback?

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