Getting Back Into Fitness After A Break

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During the summer whatever fitness routine I had went out the window meaning it was always going to be harder to build the confidence and my rhythm again. After a break in exercise it can be really daunting to try try returning with fresh determination and enthusiasm but here are a few things I've learned from taking some time away then coming back to the exercising. How do you feel after you press pause on exercise and how do you get back into the positive fitness frame of mind?

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Building Up Confidence Again

Over the summer months my motivation was incredibly low, this coupled with holidays, family adventures but the overriding thought that ruled that period was that I was unemployed - now this doesn't actually physically stop you moving your body but when you feel like you failed in some way it can be all consuming even though exercise is a great way to benefit mental health. I worried about money, life and failing at being an adult, it affected much of my day from sleep patterns to eating habits. Thank fully September was the month where things started to fall into place and as my happiness has been on the rise and a schedule has fallen into place, it's been great to get back into the gym. Although I would never say I was a true fitness lover you can really feel the difference when you come back to moving your limbs in a more determined effort. As I've switched up my routine and seen the tiniest of changes to my body even a slight decrease in my potato pouch of a stomach. 

Buying New Gym Clothes

I know having a wardrobe full of gym wear is hardly living the minimalist lifestyle but although it may seem incredibly materialistic however buying a few new items can really infuse your workout with that much needed fresh energy you've been looking for. If you're unsure if your new reinvigorated regime will stick then buying slightly cheaper items till you get your bearings or if your bank balance won't quite allow it yet. at the minute I can't justify slightly more expensive brands such as the beautiful Lululemon or Gym Shark but something to consider as looking and feeling good whilst you workout can be a big positive element to hard your push your muscles (and how likely you are to go again).

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Look At Your Goals

Everyone who works out does so for a whole variety of reasons, some to change the structure and aesthetics of the body, others to socialise but for me I chose to start attempting to exercise to hopefully lose weight and tone my pathetically weak limbs. However over time as my understanding of the fitness world has evolved I've come to realise that going to the gym is my place to escape anything and everything without needing to feel bound to any current responsibilities - time to focus on simple on how you move. Although my end goal is still the same it has expanded to look after myself but I've realised that it can take more time but it's more about enjoying the process. Assessing your overall and short term body goals can not only keep you on track but change your current direction with possibly influencing how you exercise whether it be a change in how you do things or help you decide on a new type of exercise - also a lot of folks do things in their own way at different paces.

Switch Up Your Routines

Every now and again, like everything else in life, you can feel uninspired and stuck. son once in a while changing things up either by introducing new types of exercise like yoga, pole dancing, boxing or simply changing your usual routine or specific days - differently to your norm. Just recently I've had to move my evenings to the evenings, which wouldn't be my first choice as it's generally busier (I've joined the 9-5 workers) plus chosen definitive days in which to focus on specific parts of my body, this can be a good thing as it's not out of my way plus takes away that stress you've accrued throughout the day. Changing things periodically can help refresh how you do things but can get your muscles out of their routine and you can feel more of the after burn.

How do you feel when coming back to fitness?