First World Problems & Blogging

Like with anything else in life, blogging despite being a great outlet can create just as many stresses and daily occurrences that can incur our wrath. Blogging first world problems can be silly and ridiculous but no less irritating, here are a few tongue-in-cheek oops moments that can usually arise. What really annoyances are you guilty of?

#01 || Just slow internet connection

#02 || Forgetting to charge your batteries just when it comes to photographing 

#03 || Gaining 2 followers but losing 15

#04 || The same song plays in your head all throughout all your blog time

#05 || When your hosting sites decides to not save everything you've just typed

#06 || Not being able to find your phone, when it's in your hand

#07 || Finding the perfect marble to have as a background but realising it weighs half your size

#08 || Getting asked 'what is a blog?' or 'what do you even do as a blogger?'

#09 || Constantly looking at the weather app to make sure you can capture your imagery with the right conditions

#10 || Running for your laptop charger when it's on 7% of battery

#11 || Discovery a spelling mistake in your awesome blog post after it's been published

#12 || You blog format will not play ball with how you envision it to look

#13 || Panicking because you missed upload time

#14 || Can't find a nice top that makes you look as if you're not still wearing pjs on the bottom

#15 || Deleting old flat lays on your iphone to make room for new flat lays 

& General Life First World Problems That Just Grind My Gears

#01 || When your sock comes off your foot whilst in your shoe

#02 || When you strip the bed in the morning and only remember when it comes to bed time

#03 || Getting to a good song on your iPod just as you arrive at your destination

#04 || Wanting to eat but you're too lazy to cook

#05 || Offering someone a crisp and they take it

What first world problems are real bugbears for you?

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