Favourite Blog Posts From 2017

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2017 was a good year for all things Not Copper Armour, although small in numbers compared to some but looking back at the past year(s) there's been a whole lot of growth on and off screen -  this includes both imagery and content with a slightly new direction I'm happier with. There were a lot of changes and there's going to be a whole lot more to come in in the following months, so to start the year I thought why not take a trip through last year's archives with some of the work I'm most proud of and enjoy. What blogs & content have you been loving (whether it be yours or someone else's)?


Being Productive On The Go & A CaseApp Love (1).JPG
The Am To Pm Tag (2).JPG
Thinking Outside The Box For Your Photography (2).JPG


Everyday Good Vibes (3).JPG
A Love Of Lingerie & Some Independent Brands To Adore (4).JPG


Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog.JPG
A Self Care To Do List.JPG


Current Easy Go - To Hairstyles (2).jpg
Blogging Tools Worth Splurging On.JPG
Beating The Bloat.JPG


The Anti-Social Survival Kit.JPG
Things To THink About When Moving To Squarespace.JPG


How Moving To Squarespace Helped Me And My Blog.JPG
When Writers Block Hits.JPG
Falling In Love With Your Own Company (1).JPG


Attempting 10 x 10 Challenge.JPG
Cornwall Adventures (1).JPG


When You Feel Like You've Run Out Of Ideas.JPG
Basics Of Photography Part #03 (2).JPG
Being Inspired #05.1.JPG


Some Funny or Annoying Things About Photography (2).JPG
When You're Stuck For Blogging  Ideas.JPG

October // November:

Things I never Learnt In School.JPG
Pros & Cons Of Dressing Minimally (2).JPG
Balancing Blogging & Full Time Work (2).JPG


What Happened During A Social Media Blackout (4).JPG
A Few Future Plans For The Blog.JPG
Photography Essentials For The AW Months (4).JPG

Exploring The Basics Of Photography: one // two // three // four // four.5


What online content have you taken inspiration from just recently?


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