Every Day Tech I Couldn't Go Without

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Although compared to some people I wouldn't say I'm completely obsessed by technology but as I've gotten older plus with the determined thought to keep my blog going it's meant having more of a reliance on certain items for entertainment purposes and keeping up on social media. As we're in the digital age it's ever so tempting to keep up the with the latest tech but I tend to stick with what I know without breaking tiny balance I have, here are my most used items of tech that get daily wear from my adventures. What's on your list of frequently used equipment?

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Although I'm still someone who tends to leave their phone everywhere and I'm not the best person at replying, my Iphone 6 has made one of the biggest impacts than any other model I've had before it does it all: serve as a place for notes be it blogging or generic lifestyle, holds all the music, can post social links, records the data for my calorie and fitness apps, lets me keep in contact with my nearest and dearest, deals with my mobile banking and everything else in between. It's become more and more important to how I organise everything I have on my plate plus it make for a handy, pretty blogging photo prop. 


With the variety of equipment within my arsenal whether in frequent use or not, a bug bear of mine is how many plugs and chargers have to stashed keep things running but they are a necessity. Of late I've tried to invest in universal chargers like a plug that can fit all my apple products to not be completely swamped with wires and unwanted mess - these can be cheaper but they can be left at work or everywhere you find yourself when you need an instant boost of charge. There are so many different examples like laptop, camera battery, nintendo DS and other items like hairdryers all of which need a place to live.


Just recently I've really been trying to build a lifestyle routine that includes a working fitness routine, it hasn't been easy to find something that works but as I have twinging muscles from a hard work out yesterday it's going in the right direction. Bellabeat is a beauitfully, simple piece as it looks like a minimal piece of jewellery it fits in well with my general style but it also come in a range of designs so there could be something for you but it is a little pricey if you're poorer than a church mouse like me. It links to my phone giving me details on my sleeping routine (which is terrible at the minute), calories burned, stress levels and can also give you a variety of meditation settings. 

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This is the real work horse of the whole pack and has had daily use for almost 5 years, it's seen me through my entire blogging journey, 1000s of image edits and hours spent watching videos. Although it's due an upgrade it's managing to hold on just about but with all this screen time I also think it's good to build in some away time too and if you have a job that means looking at a computer all day it can affect you physically and mentally. Breathing space from your digital baby is important and something I have to work on too but if you're trying to balance or even get ahead of the game in terms of work it can be a hard cycle to break. 


Music, for me, is an important aspect and a day without headphones creates a truly sad emma, it has the power to create a more chilled mood or built a more pumped vibe. They can block out the dreary morning blues when travelling to work or they can add much needed conversation when hairdryer my long, thick locks. Headphones are something I have multiple versions of and they can be found in a variety of places as one pair just isn't enough and every opportunity is one for music or films.

What are your permanent technology buddies?

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