Easy Summer Dressing For Your Gent

Style is something that's incredibly important to not only boost your confidence and self expression too (regardless of gender) however the hotter months can bring with them their own considerations in terms of potential outfits. In preparation for a Summer holiday away it's always good to add a few new pieces to get you excited for the break, so when the folks at Hammond & Co* from Debenhams got in touch it was the perfect excuse to play dress up with my favourite guy. How are you dressing for Summer? What are your favourite brands?

My gent is the kind of guy who will wear the same clothes till they give way at the seams so something new and shiny is hard to find in his arsenal, introducing something current in the style stakes can be daunting but these latest items from Hammond & Co have been a welcome addition to the wardrobe. The clothes themselves are fashionable, smart but not overdone which suits everyday wear. 

As a couple we liked how they catered to a whole range of personal styles suitable for different occasions, some really casual whilst others are more dapper and exclusive - my loveable scragbag could become a real gentlemen in an instant. Plus if like my gent you like to pick up everything from the same place for ease this brand has created their own one-stop shop from shirts, to bags, to suits to those little accessories that can complete a look.

As I lover of design I fell for the colour, texture and construction of the pieces, this coupled with the price makes them really good quality - for me it's the details that really make this outfit. My personal favourite is the shirt, it's simple, reminiscent of the ocean and blue - it couldn't be any more perfect and so I'm determined to make my guy wear this as much as possible. I think Debenhams did a good job turning my boy into a stylish gent plus it's an ensemble that can dressed up or down which is great for multi purpose be it a Summer holiday (come rain or shine), every day adventures or a dinner out. Any item from here would make an awesome gift for the guys in your life from your dad, brother or boyfriend.

How are you & your gent dressing for Summer?

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