Current Everyday Blogging Items

Current Everyday Blogging Items

Blogging and creating your own space on the internet can be quite surprising as it can take a lot of work despite appearances this means employing the use of go-to equipment that can make the process easier. No matter your blogging style or journey thus far, there are those few objects that you couldn't do without but they don't necessarily need to be brand spanking new. These are the most reliant items within my blogging arsenal, what are yours?

Current Everyday Blogging Items


Welcome to the real cart horse of not only my blogging world but my life in general. Although it's well overdue an upgrade it's still trudging away providing the ability for so many things that wouldn't be possible if I didn't have my own computer:

  • Research topics for potential posts
  • Need more clarification on information
  • To spark some inspiration
  • Type up the final drafts of blog posts
  • Editing all my images whether they be personal or not
  • Publishing various social media links
  • & Providing much needed entertainment in those down time moments


How you collect your blog images can vary depending on how you want them to look and feel when in relation of your own website but it's also down to what is available to you technology-wise verses price plus how serious you take blogging. There is no right way when it concerns your imagery as some folks buy images from stock photo sites whilst others use their phones to capture their chosen photographs but for me like so many others use a big DSLR camera. Rolling over from my time studying photography it was just a natural item to use, although it can be an expensive investment, I prefer the kind of high quality images that these provide plus I can edit them for my own tastes. There is also the feeling of when I compose an image it means not only does it give a good sense of achievement but it also put all the responsibility for my own creativity on my shoulders meaning I can't get annoyed with anyone else when it goes wrong.

White Background

With my own style of blog photography I'm attempting clean almost minimalist imagery with brights colours that link throughout. Although I'd love more of a homely aesthetic it just isn't feasible right now. A key object when creating these images characteristics is an A2 piece of cardboard painted white, ol' faithful has been with Not Copper Armour since the beginning and has been used in the majority of images and frames everything with that sought after white. The white background can be taken all around my house which makes it fairly handy, a plus when you don't have a space purely dedicated to blogging, but because of the colour and the texture it can help to bounce the light partly eliminating shadows.

Current Everyday Blogging Items


Although my Ipad has become out moded and is no longer able to keep up with the current updates from apple it still serves as a great social media portable buddy and writing companion. When physically putting together my posts I need some kind of noise be it music or trashy tv so it doesn't need that much attention to and this where my Ipad will sit beside my laptop. A major plus for this is that it has a bigger screen in comparison to a phone and it's biggest role is to cater for instagram and twitter posts. It's the primary editor with apps such as Facetime and Vscocam but also for scheduling with fellow app Mosaico. If I'm away from my laptop (allowing for good wifi) is also good for posting or replying to links.

Notepad & Pen

Unlike some bloggers who can whip up a whole blog post in a short amount of time, I've found writing posts freehand and straight into blog format can make me not only more prone to distraction, more spelling mistakes but also less likely to explore more thought processes that could make it more in depth as I'd feel under pressure to complete the work. As you can see you don't need to use the most glamourous of notepads, this is the cheapest one I could find at a supermarket and as it houses blog post drafts & notes it will eventually be thrown away for the next one, this process doesn't use up any cute books that could be great for photo props. For me, my train of though seems more considered when I physically write out what I wish to say beforehand, although I admit it overall adds more time to the final post conclusion and could seem a waste of time but that it can cut down typing time with less faff involved plus it creates time away from constantly staring at a computer screen.

What are your desert island blogging items?

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