Current Easy Go-To Hairstyles

Having long hair with a lot of volume to it can mean not every hairstyle has the durability to last the day, unless you empty a can of hairspray in the process, so finding a few reliable designs that are practical, look effortless and simple are always a winner. As a lazy girl who would rather spend more time in bed than faffing with a complicated method, so I thought I'd discuss some firm favourites. How do you wear your hair?

Side Braid

A real fail safe that is a good one to frame your face is this which could take the form of simple plait (like above) but you could jazz this up by incorporating a fishtail kind of design. It's a sweet, practical and can look very professional in some scenarios without a lot of effort, a downside it that although it isn't complicated it can take a little longer to complete.

#01 || Brush into a side ponytail you're happy with and tie with a bobble, this can be taken out after if you want an even more relaxed or bohemian vibe.

#02 || Separate the tail into 2 big sections.

#03 || After this take an outside stand and place it on the inside of the opposite section, then repeat till the end of the line whilst tightening as you go as it can be a looser 'do. Make sure to secure with a bobble. When finished you can pull and alter as you see fit, some prefer their fishtail to be quite wide looking.


My absolute favourite technique at the minute is plaits, it makes me look much younger than my years but it's a great protective style that has done wonders for the quality of my hair. This is something I go for just before bed and don't wish to get caught up in my mane whilst sleeping. Plus after a night of braids it means my random natural waves are exaggerated all over without any product being used.

#01 || After brushing the hair you need to separate your beautiful mane into 2 big sections.

#02 || These are then each separated into 3 sections.

#03 || With these 3 sections it's a simple case of taking it in turns to wrap around each segment and pull as tight as you wish then secure with a bobble at the end. They're a fun option that keeps your hair out of your face.

#04 || If I'm not particularity fussed about redoing the mop the day after I often tie both plaits together with a bobble then where the plaits meet I undo them so it reveals a wavy ponytail with braided sides.

The Messy Bun

Although I adore long hair, it is prone to knotting and in the warmer weather can be unattractive in regards to the back of the neck - another layer of trapped heat is not going to help. I try to use minimal heat on my head as it really can dry out my hair and encourage any split ends. A practical method could be to employ a messy bun.

#01 || Put the hair up into a ponytail, a smooth, slicked back look generally doesn't suit my face structure so I prefer a slightly relaxed aesthetic.

#02 II Some folks at this stage choose to backcomb the ponytail to give it more texture and lift however as a girl with a lot of hair it's not a necessity. It's a case of twisting the hair around into a bun shape you're happy with. If you have shorter hair this can be accomplished by hair roly poly in brown or blond (sponge wheel).

#03 ||  The last step is to secure in place with a mass of bobby pins or bobbles, for a neater finish you can take about 1cm of hair and wrap it around your bun so it can hide any untidy edges. Then pull out any little strands that can frame the face.


How do you usually wear you hair? What are your favourite ever hair styles?

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