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Sometimes it's good to take stock of those little things that are currently making you happy, these can alter depending on your growing interests or even the time of year but here are a few of mine. Be it purely style, beauty, lifestyle or anything in between there are always things to enjoy. What are your up to date loves?


Jeans are an item of clothing I find too restrictive and it's even more satisfactory taking them off at the end of the day than a bra, that being said I also needed a more durable option than my beloved (sometimes accidentally see-through) leggings. So the go between are these, despite my hate of the name, they're a lighter alternative for the warmer months months that fit well and can be styled with a whole menagerie of different items. My favourite ensemble featuring these includes a tighter shirt and chelsea boots - nothing fancy but it feels smarter than my usual comfy garb. At the minute I've been purchasing both Primark and Asos products and both are winners.

Reading (With Terry Pratchett)

Just recently I spoke about falling back into the habit of reading a couple of pages before bed and I've been going through my Discworld collection written by Terry Pratchett, I've finally finished the Witches segment of this featuring many colourful characters, powerful ladies, mythology which is all woven together to create something humourous but touching. Some of the best books from the Tiffany Aching series include Wee Free Men and Wintersmith whilst some great books from The Witches series include Lords & Ladies, Carpe Jugulum and Maskerade - if you're not a fan of more serious reads these are a great additions to the bookcase. With 31 of his books in my collection of his 41 there is still more to go. What are you currently reading?


When I was younger I was always being reminded of the copious cups I'd left about the house still with the majority of drink left. As I got older this lack of hydration caused a fair few headaches and dry skin but now it's not often you'll find me without a trusty, faithful flask as my companion. Although I'm a lover of water on occasion it can get a little repetitive to have it nearly 24 / 7 and whilst I try not to put sugary drinks in me, to add more flavour you can put various fruit or mint in ice cubes then you not only get the refreshing chill but the different aspect too.


As noted in my How I'm Upping My Pin Game blog post, I waxed lyrical about the beginnings of my badge collection and my favourite shops but my love of this accessory is still going strong and they've accompanied near enough every outfit that has gone out the door. Pins are a good alternative when you want to add more of your interests, likes or colour to your wardrobe, personally my style is more minimalist but I still want to incorporate my love of the quirky (be it in small amounts). They can be subtle or over the top in design and another excuse to express your own personal style. Where do you by your pins?


Watching anime has always been a love of mine but every now and again I'll go through phases of either being completely obsessed or watching anything but. As soon as I heard about the reboot of D.Gray-Man, a brilliant older series from 2006, it was an important new release to watch - after catching up on the original then came D.Gray-Man Hallow. Although it was necessary to watch the next part of the story it was a major disappointment from the animation to voice acting then to the rush of the arc but watching this new anime it's spurred on a fresh batch of anime watching Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan), Ponyo, Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Ouran High School Host Club (some new and older favourites).

What are your current lifestyle loves?

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