Creative Prompts For The Everyday

Some days don't always go to plan and you're intended to-do list goes straight out the window but in order to seize the day to the fullest on occasion little creative tasks are needed to keep things ticking over, especially when your head isn't quite in the game. What activities do you use to prompt your creativity? Be it for personal, blogging or business purposes.

#01 || Create lists for your day & break it down into the sections or projects you're currently working on

#02 || Read a fresh magazine or book for inspiration

#03 || Watch a selection of art documentaries (all of which can be found on Netflix):

  - Abstract: The Art Of Design

  - Iris

  - Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

  - Moving Art

  - Daft Punk Unchained

  - Chef's Table

  - Cooked

#04 || Sit in front of a blank bit of paper and draw whatever pops into your brain, even if you end up not liking it

#05 || Reorganise your room so you have a new setting and a mental refresh thanks to your surroundings

#06 || Freely play with lego, build anything you want (when I was younger I used to build whole houses)

#07 || Venture out the house for a walk or have a whole day adventure

#08 || Paint your nails & possibly try a new technique or colour palette

#09 || Focus on your fitness, even if it's just for an hour out of your day

More Ideas For Your Blog Or Business:

#01 || Play with new designs for your graphics & icons

#02 || Edit images for a potential blog post or stock images

#03 || Tidy up & answer your emails

#04 || Plan a blog post you're excited about or work on your (tone &) style

#05 || Organise & update your blogging business computer files

#06 || Capture an image everyday, explore your camera & its capabilities

#07 || Scroll & reblog through Tumblr and Pinterest, even advertise a past blog post or product

#08 || Plan your editorial calendar including blog post ideas or the next steps for your business or blog being mindful of any upcoming events/holiday

#09 || Schedule any tweets for the next day

#10 || Analyse your statistics for the month & take a look at your popular posts

#11 || Put together the beginnings of a media kit & curate a list of all brands on your dream list to work with

#12 || Switch up your twitter page & its colours

What small tasks do you do to keep up the creativity?

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