Catching Up On The Yearly Goals

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At the start of the year I made it to try and set myself measurable goals for 2017, now we're in august and we're well over the half way point of the year I thought it time to take a look back and see whether I've actually met any of them. 2017 hasn't been the most positive of years for me in terms of professional woes and it hasn't hasn't all been plain sailing but there have been some positives too, here I've broken down my lifestyle and blogging objectives. Here's how I've rated my targets for the year, what are your goals for the year and have they come to fruition? - Here's hoping! 

The Life Goals

#01 || Finish editing of the massive backlog of personal vlogs: 

 - Sadly the progress on this has been lacking, tiny edits have been completed but there are some important videos yet to be finished even my loved ones have been asking for them as they capture our family adventures. I let life get in the way of this so, reminder: must get around to editing it's been far too long.

#02 || The festive season put a pause on this, return to my steady gym routine: 

 - Although I've gone back to the gym and it is more enjoyable for me this year (yay) but the steady part of my routine has yet to be fully established, my motivation for a lot of things has been diminished for a while due to a few professional reasons (that will be apparent below) and it's been hard to constantly snap back but when I do go to the gym or complete some kind of fitness I'm a much happier bunny.

#03 || Save money for a future deposit:

 - This has been a complete no go, my complete lack of job security and money worries have kept me from saving for any kind of place. Sadly the dream of me and the boy moving in together with our own fur baby is disappointingly further away than I'd like especially as although I'm not an old biddy I'm not getting any younger either.

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#04 || Push my photography & play with different aesthetics:

 - Finally a big tick for the completed section, this blog is the biggest source of creativity for me and still allows me to play with my passion of photography. Currently I've found a rhythm with my blog photography that I like and every Sunday my weekly colour theme comes into play, having that self-imposed restriction has pushed me to think of how I compose my images a little better. 

#05 || Get a job that doesn't destroy my soul or is more than a temp thing:

 - Unfortunately in this respect things haven't quite gone to plan, at the time of writing the original goals I was working full time in an office job that I loved but it was covering a colleagues sick leave. Since then apart from my seasonal invigilation job, the hunt for my own permanent role has not been fruitful. With many talented folks in the same boat as me it makes any position hard to fight for, which sucks if all you want to do is support yourself. It's just a case of keep on truckin'.


#06 || Settle down and read more books:

 -  Another in the plus column, it's been a slower process but I've been rekindling some new love with my older book shelf collection, I've been pouring over reads just before bedtime and I've noticed that when I do this activity my sleep isn't as restless as it has been of late. Reading others' work can improve your own too, so 10 or 20 pages before bed can do wonders.

#07 || Go on more outings & adventures with my loved ones:

 - This has been one of the most successful ventures of this year, with a 3 year old niece, a newborn nephew and another niece on the way it's been the perfect excuse to spend more quality time with the family to go exploring. Plus me and the boy have gone on more solo adventures together, travelling to new places and discovering more like or dislikes along the way too (and there's lots of Pokemon to catch out there too). This is something I always want to keep up. 

#08 || Visit more art exhibitions:

 - Not as bigger win as I'd hoped but more so than compared with recent years, with our most visit being 'I Want, I Want' at the Birmingham Art Museum that explores revolutionary artists who have created work using a range of mixed media (which is a must for art lovers and not so much lovers alike). My partner who I thought would kind of dislike being dragged along and make comments when at an exhibition actually enjoyed himself too so it just goes to show a little art  and culture never hurt anyone.

4 & a half / 8 (of successes)


#01 || Make the move from Blogger to another site that allows for more creative freedom:

 - 2 big thumbs up for this goal, at the end of March / early April time I made the huge jump from Blogger to Squarespace, it was a big, tiring job and now costs me some pennies however it's seen a confidence in how I approach my blogging. The new layout and behind the scenes workings are now easier to handle, the quality is higher and more professional. It's been such a welcome addition to my lifestyle and benefits my creative outlet greatly.

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#02 || Incorporate more style snippets into blog posts:

 - I'm very aware that I'm not a fashion blogger, I don't keep up with recent trends or particular item crazes - mostly because I can't afford it but partly because it doesn't fit in with my general style. However just recently I've become more comfortable in delving into my personal style and how it is a good thing to expand. As more style content has been incorporated I've become a little more confident in showing my face, a rare occurrence but the blog is also a bit of self-expression. 

#03 || Take the blog more seriously: 

 - A mixed bag of a result, in terms of outreach and brand work it's been good - as a tiny generic lifestyle blogger it can be hard to get your name out so I'm not often contracted but I'll admit my stomach does flutter with happy butterflies when a brand has found me out of the blue. On the flip side due to my lack of productivity and motivation just recently that bit of oomph that you need to push yourself to new heights has been lacking meaning although great strides have been made (which I'm proud of) it's not quite where I had planned at the beginning of the year.


#04 || Start to bring in all those ideas that can elevate the blog to a higher level:

 - Another success to shout about, there are so many behind the scenes ideas in the works but some need more consideration and other concepts to fall into place before they can launch. That being said I've had the pleasure of opening my own stock shop found here, I'm not generating enough to support me full time but the fact I can use my own photography to support others and give something back to the online community has been a real boost in morale plus turns my adventures out into an opportunity for more imagery. I still haven't quite gained the courage to actually reach out to brands with a media kit but it's a work in progress like many things related to anything blogging.

#05 || Consider a name change to something more appropriate:

 - This is something I've put aside for the time being, it's not a fail but since the move to Squarespace and whether it's given me a boost of confidence or not I feel like the blog has grown into it's name much more - it's something I'm currently happy with. Possibly I should think of something more appropriate to give the audience a hint at what this blog is about but anything I've come up with thus far either doesn't fit or sounds a bit corny for my liking.

3 & a half / 5 (of succeses)

What are your goals from the start of the year & have you met them?

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