Bringing Back Motivation After A Slump

A drop in our motivation levels happens to the best of us, when you're not expecting it, it can spring upon us without any warning whatsoever. Getting over a cold snap in terms of inspiration can take a days, weeks or even months to effectively find your groove again. After poring all my time and energy into a new blog design, my motivation seemed to shrink away so getting back into that productive frame of mind has taken a little longer to get into despite all the ideas that it prompted. Here's how I'm trying to find my edge again, how do you find your motivation?

#01 || Accept everyone has obstacles to overcome; dealing with your own stuff can be difficult it can take everything out of you but it can take a whole lot of stubborn, self love and determination to still create great content. It'll be worth it when out the other side.

#02 || Get the tea brewing; for a fresh pot of warmth and a kick of inspiration

#03 || Have a little snack; something a little lighter and healthier can get those neurons firing and if you're like me who is motivated by food it's always a good idea

#04 || Go for a short walk; a bit of brief exercise can get the endorphins going and give you that burst of energy to put pen to paper or have some dedicated typing

#05 || Take a shower; a lack of motivation could be because you're not quite feeling yourself - a good shower can be a really good all round saviour

#06 || Change your work situation; some sit down to work whilst other stand up, switching it up could be the answer to spark you need. You can even up sticks, taking your office to a different location like a coffee shop or giving your working environment a complete refresh can help

#07 || Create some company; listening to music or podcasts can lessen any lonely feeling you may have, especially if you work for yourself in any kind of capacity. Loneliness can be a thief of joy and can affect you in more ways than first originally thought, it can suck motivation from you.

#08 || Write down 5 goals; you have and how best to achieve them. Instead of being overwhelming this is meant to be a positive inspirational look at where you want to be, where you're heading and the push you need to get you there.

#09 || Take a break; it can become overwhelming to take in so much information both online and offline meaning it can create a blockage when it comes to putting out your own content. Sometimes a few days away from screens to focus on yourself (and loved ones) can be really good for a fresh perspective - hopefully hello to new inspiration.

How do you claw back some much needed motivation?

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