Past & Present Blogging Worries I've Had

Like anything in life it will bring it's own worries and situations that can make you panic and blogging is no different, although I've had Not Copper Armour for a few years there are still times when I'm not quite the sassy, confident lady I'd like to be. This is dedicated to the moments where you've lost sleep, chewed your nails, pored over every word you've typed hoping not to cause offence and almost missed your deadlines. This post was inspired by Britton Loves and her post on '20 Blogging Things I've Panicked About' is a wonderful break down of how different aspects of blogging can affect you. Here are just a few things I've worried about in terms of blogging, what about you?

#01 || Publishing links on time: You'd think that being a part time blogger I'd have more time to organise my links, sadly this isn't always the case as my days often change and getting ahead of myself isn't always an option. When I don't post I can panic about losing views, not being relevant and not engaging as much as I should or simply it makes me feel like I'm not fulfilling my role as a blogger.

#02 || Getting out of a creative slump: A burn out happens to all of us at some point, it happens when you're creatively, physically and mentally drained - no matter your lifestyle it's probable you'll have one sooner or later. As a blogger, the role can allow you to wear numerous hats including: photographer, writer, social media expert and advertiser - which unfortunately can make you overworked and stressed. Something I worry about when going through a burn out is that I won't ever recover my love of blogger or my creative edge, it can be a slow process to get back to where you were but it can happen. This can also affect your productivity and motivation, it may not be as forthcoming as you wish especially if a deadline is on the horizon, I plan my month in one go so I can set my stall out but I'm still missing 2 ideas to fit in and some months are much more easy to write for than others it can be dependent on your blog, other work, lifestyle choices, family and personal issues. 

#03 || Finding the time to clear your Bloglovin' feed: Usually the only times that work for my schedule are first thing in the morning or a lunch break after the gym however it isn't always good for a refreshed wake up routine plus your days aren't always the same, meaning that days get skipped and if you follow a lot of talented folks then your 'to read' section can get out of control pretty quickly. I always feel I'm on a rushed catch up with all the brilliant ideas.

#04 || Balancing tone of voice and sounding smart: Building a tone that is not only accessible but appropriate is something that can take years to master, it can be influenced by your subject matter, your intended audience, whether you're collaborating with a brand or your mood at the time time of writing. On occasion I think I can balance personal insight with objective explanation quite well however there are still times when my writing can let me down and I don't think my intended point gets across as well as I hoped.

#05 || Building the confidence to comment on another's blog: Putting yourself out there can be tricky as it is but writing on other's blogs can take something extra, commenting on blogs can be a great tool in not only showing genuine appreciation for another's creativity but it also helps with getting your name out there. I had gotten out of the habit out of writing on other blog posts but whilst I want to get back into it, I think it's also important to bring something to the table that is constructive and not just plugging your links.

#06 || The dreaded blogger comparison: Comparison is something that shouldn't happen but inevitably does, we just can't help it. Whilst I'm so inspired and happy for those talented folks who are doing wonders in the blogging world and creating their own positive communities but unfortunately there will be the occasional pang of feeling that I'll never catch up. As I started blogging my blogging journey little later than most folks and generally stick to lifestyle posts than more popular posts like beauty or fashion, it will impact my professional growth - as well as panicking about never being good enough I also worry about my thoughts on 'comparison' because they can become all consuming and influence more negative thinking. Comparison can push you to new heights but it can also drag you down if you let it take over. This can also take into account the idea of being 'relevant', as I've gotten older I'm starting to come to realisation that you can take me or leave me, there will be people who like you (which is lovely, thank you) but there are people who just won't for whatever reason which they're entirely allowed to do. It's not something I'm 100% on but learning to find your way in what you want to create and how you make it better could always benefit a potential audience, no matter how small.

#07 || Am I writing enough? Too much?: How much you write is a totally personal choice, some prefer more imagery whilst others prefers more word heavy posts, for me as you can tell I'm a wordy kind of girl but sometimes just because you write more doesn't mean you get the message across. Finding that balance between informative and your personal tone, some folks write essays others one lines worth of pure description - it's up to your and the type of post you're creating.

#08 || Not being a follower of trends: It's no secret that one subject that isn't my favourite to discuss is Beauty that being said it is one of the biggest topics within the blogging community, it garners the most audience and revenue but for me it wouldn't feel right talking about a subject I'm just not that into. It would feel fake and because I'm very much a novice I wouldn't be a reliable source for information. Style and fashion are also huge subjects but once again I tend to follow the beat of my own drum, sticking to a monochromatic colour palette with quirky pieces to bring it together meaning that I'm not always up to date on what is currently on the shelves. I love personal style but as I don't follow the current craze(s) it can be hard to generate relevant and interesting ideas.

#09 || Forever stuck behind the camera: As a photographer and someone who isn't as photogenic as I'd like to be, my natural habit is behind the lens rather than in front of it, this means that although I'd like to flawlessly pull off a candid smile it's a no-go. Whilst I like capturing others and objects I fear that I've become dependent on a camera stuck to my face, I can hide behind it and still be creative but being a blogger is also about selling yourself and projecting yourself to others - there needs to be a face for audience to identify with. This also ties in with my personal confidence in terms of looks and whilst I've come along way it always needs a bit more work.

#10 || An analytics obsession: A year ago I was in a one sided affair with checking my analytics every single day, morning, noon and night but I came to the realisation that it didn't make a difference apart from to my sanity and how I saw my blog. I became frustrated that I thought I wasn't making progress that I couldn't do any better, it's important that once you get sucked into a that vicious cycle to try and get yourself out (but it can be hard). Your growth and content will feel much more natural when your not trying to appeal to views, even if it's subconsciously.

#11 || Standing up for yourself - A big worry when emailing brands is being walked all over for free content, in some cases they try the bullying technique, now I know not all brands are like this and although my experience is limited I've had the pleasure of working with many good eggs (and their products). I genuinely feel honoured when a brand takes an interest and try to build a good relationship, regardless of outcome. Blogging takes a lot of work, time and effort so for someone to ask 'can you do everything for free?' is incredibly cheeky as you're providing lots of free advertising, links even imagery on occasion. It could be better in the beginning to create free content as it can help establish your voice and build your reputation as someone to trust however as you grow in confidence maybe it's time to take it to the next level. Making money on your passions can be hard but why shouldn't you be paid for a good service? It does mean you have to bring your professional A-game, of course and it can be intimidating when someone else trusts you but all experiences help establish you. Standing up for yourself can also mean for other influences such as receiving negativity or possibly friends and family who don't understand blogging as a concept - plus how important it is to you which can help when you take ownership of your site.

What blogging worries do you have? Or have you had?

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