Blogging Goals I'm Ready To Start

Having a passion project can really help with fulfilling your interests and can help with self care elements but with any kind of enterprise there is always the next step to push it to the next level. I believe it's good to have aspirations about your future goals that are not only relatable but can be fun to complete. Here are a few future blogging ideas, what are your current goals for your space?

Create A Media Kit

Despite running a site for a few years I've never been one to push Not Copper Armour out there to other people and brands. Something that could really take your blog identity to the another level is putting together a media kit it can create a snapshot of you, your blog, business, content and your audience. It's a way to pave the way for a brand into building a (hopefully) positive working relationship but it also can signify to the world that you're a ready to take things a little more seriously plus it'll mean a lot to you on a personal level as it can add more confidence in regards to your space. There are so many opportunities out there that sometimes you have to go get them yourself despite the nerves of saying hello to your favourite brands. 

Finish & Add Shop Products

Opening an online store (found here) has been a dream and the fact I get to do this through blogging is an immeasurable feeling. The next step is to slowly incorporate new ways to expand and make any products better and better, despite one bundle being made available there are other ideas in the wings. Within the next few weeks they'll be a few changes around the place so it's a real starting point.

Editing The Lost Vlogs

It's no secret that I've been working on video capture and editing so I can not only capture my everyday (especially for an expanding family) but add new strings to my creative bow. That being said the process of making videos and catching up on the edits has seriously been put on the back burner, quite frankly it's embarrassing how far behind I am. Capturing videos can mean the good (and the bad times) are celebrated and not just images that are sat on a computer with no other purpose apart from to be part of an occasionally browse.


Wish me luck

What are your current blogging goals? 

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