Blog Props That Never Fail Me

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Blog photography can come in many forms and you don't even need to create your own imagery as it takes away the worry of composition however for me I'm someone who likes to make their own accompanying photographs with varying success. For many photographers there are those (big or small) props that we return to out of familiarity but we know they work well regardless of the subject matter, they could be anything from stationary, to home decor bits or personal trinkets to name just a few types of possible ideas. These are my most loved props that I use in my blog photography, what are your firm favourites when it comes to the details in your work?

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Pens + Notebooks

Stationary is something I've been attracted to since I was little, maybe it was from the excitement when a new school term came around and we were allowed some new items even a flashy pencil case (slow down partner). Not only are they a functional item for everyday use but they can relate to a whole range topics that you can feature on your personal space on the internet. There are so many shapes and colours out there, so if you prescribe to a strong theme that you want to continue within your imagery there will be at least one to love, some of my favourite shops for these include: Ohh Deer, Kikki.K, Paperchase, Present & Correct, Chase and Wonder and Fox and Star. Something I have copious amounts of is notebooks, in varying sizes both lined or unlined and for me they are very much pens as they can apply to multiple types of blog post genres but for me they work best in terms of blogging or lifestyle, they can subtly bring in designs that can help with your scheme. Stationary is all it's forms can add so much without breaking the bank.


Hello my name's Emma and I'm a collector of postcards, another weird and wonderful aspect to my interests but they've crossed over well into my blog photography, they can have more serious designs or they can be incredibly comedic in effect (but oh so cuttingly relatable), it's rare I'll go a week without featuring a postcard as my selection is so big there is usually one that fits the brief. What makes them another great addition to your photography arsenal is that you can always add more for pennies which is great is you want to add more over a longer period of time. They're smaller items that can be made more professional by adding a simple frame but can also be styled up or down in themselves to tell a store, some of my favourite are colourful and humourous.


Although I employ a range of styles with my imagery, flat lays make up a big percentage of that but adding texture is something I find really important to add shape so that your images don't look completely 2D, this can be done by adding clothes, blankets, scarves and other fabrics. It can give the audience the idea that they'll want to reach out, touch and engage with your image which gives them the inclination to stick around for what you have to say in your blog posts. They can add a quality you may not gain by using flat items like paper goods but texture can also be added with makeup items and personal trinkets. 

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Everything and anything could be considered a prop and even though I use my laptop for actually creating blog posts doesn't take away from the fact that it can be a great prop that can be an especially strong signifier for blogging or lifestyle related posts and as it's white it colour it can fit in with nearly all colour schemes. Depending on the angle it can add a 3D element to an image, making it stand out from some flat lays. It also adds smooth lines and can be really handy if you have to pop up a quick link whilst you're still in the midst of completing your photography.

White Background

Now this many not be a prop to some but it features heavily in the majority of my images, an incredibly simple DIY which consists of painting an A2 bit of cardboard but this has been a faithful companion to me and my blog for a number of years. This has been essential for the background to not only my instagram but also my blog work. Although it needs a refresh, this is one item I couldn't be without within my photography bag of tricks.


What are your favoruite props to use?

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