When The Job Hunt Doesn't Go Your Way

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In today's society you're judged on your ability to be successful, how you should be living your best life and working hard to support this - by these standards I'm failing (spectacularly) as unfortunately my job hunt for a secure, full time role hasn't been fruitful. Trying to better yourself with no end in sight can be like battling against the tide as can staying positive throughout the process. Here's how I'm trying to keep the motivation going be it by still bringing in those much needed pennies, making the process work for you and keeping those good vibes. How did you find your ideal role? What advice would you give to anyone seeking a job?

I realise the the idea of unemployment is not the cheeriest of subjects to discuss and with some of the latest figures showing at least 57,000 people are out of work (let alone those in work and looking for a step up). Staying positive during the process, which can take years, despite the rejections and setbacks is incredibly tough but in order to reach your goals sometimes a little (or a lot) of hoop jumping is required.

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Understand The Pitfalls You Could Fall Into With Your Intended Role

Getting rejections from anything in life, let alone something to do with your professional future can be devastating but knowing why you may not be picked for the role can make you slightly more prepared if a rejection comes your way - which in time you can combat with your own perseverance (and luck). In terms of my own wants and needs the dream is to work in a full time admin role within the education sector, now on paper this seems a fairly attainable goal however with these types of roles there is usually someone they have in mind meaning an interview is purely a formality for them (even though you're really trying), as I've also done some teaching some employers assume this role is just a quick stepping stone to greater things (which it isn't) plus coupled with the fact that these roles are highly sought after meaning many talented candidates are battling for the same role. In a few cases I've been to interviews whereby a fellow interviewee who is a colleague of the company is greeted warmly and hints being made, it undermines  you, your hard work and your confidence and although hard it does soften the blow when the rebuff comes your way, although I hasten to add not all interviewers are like this and most are friendly and welcoming. Being your best self and having pride in your past achievements can help you in knowing you gave it your best shot, it's just they didn't see what they wanted which can be frustrating and upsetting but fingers crossed for the next time. 

Still Bring In The Pennies

Not finding a role to support yourself or not having a regular paycheck can cause a fair few money worries so addressing some ways that bring in the pennies, even if it's a few, can help ease this kind of stress:

#01 || One option could be to get yourself a part time job, it may not be the end goal but it gives you money whilst still allowing you to put focus on your job hunt. You could also join a temp agency which looks good on your CV and help you build up your experience but you're still earning however this type of role is not always consistent. 

#02 || Another option could be to complete online questionnaires, they're usually completely free to join with varying duration times which has corresponding cash rewards so many brands want your opinion and they'll will to pay. Although it is to be noted that you may not qualify for a number of reasons be it age, job, interests and you won't make millions but it can give you those few extra coins to help.

#03 || The last idea could be to sell your own products or older items your no longer have a need for, if you're wanting money and a clean out setting up a Depop account to sell items can kill 2 birds with 1 stone which is a winner for everyone. If you're any kind of creative you could set up a small business  through websites like Ebay, Etsy or set up your own blog with a simple design, it keeps you physically busy and your mind slightly further away from more negative thoughts of the job hunt as a whole. This also has the potential to turn into something bigger which could be an unexpected surprise. For me I started my own stock shop and whilst I haven't earned anything from it however it's something I look forward to plus it means any adventure I go on could provide possible products.

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Updating CV & Interview Technique

Having a strong CV is key, it's what can sing to an employer it gives a hint of you and the amazing qualities you can offer. It doesn't have to be a plain word document as that can blend in to the rest of the applications but it can have a little bit of colour and personality, you can create your own design or you can buy a pre-made one which takes the stress out of creating something different - you can have unique CVs dependent on what type of role you're trying for. Currently I have 2 CVs that each have a completely contrasting leading priorities, it means you can chop and change your past experiences so you give the best impression possible. An important element is double checking spelling and grammar as you can become obsessed with portraying yourself in a favourable light that you overlook simple details. 

What lets me down is my interview technique and how critical I am of my own performance, although I know I have a lot of good attributes to give to a role and I'm a hard worker, the actual pressure of the interview situation coupled with previous rejections has me on a bad day tripping over my tongue, slightly stuttering, constant use of 'erm' and rushing my answers - now I know most employers will understand that an interview is stressful however they also want to see what you're made of. To help combat these anxiety inducing moments it takes a lot of preparation of the company, the possible role and the answers you can give but as well as experience of being interviewed and also a confidence in your own abilities - you can allow yourself a bit of quirky as if you can't be yourself it may not be the role for you.

Consider Job Agencies

Something that I hadn't looked into was allowing others to help take the pressure off in the form of a recruitment agency,  they're the ones who represent you and can wax lyrical about what you can offer to a potential employer. It was completely free to join them as they make their money when you get said job and the employers pay the agency for their services. Sometimes you do have to keep on their tail in terms of contact especially if you've failed a few of their set up interviews however they do stick to their word but also give tips and tricks of how to improve your CV or interview technique.

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Take A Break

People assume because you're unemployed or part time then you must be loving life with all the time to relax but in reality it can be upsetting, exhausting and frustrating - a day without some kind of worry about your future is a rare but good day. Although I have my seasonal work it's not fun panicking every time I open my purse even if it's for necessities but I have learnt a lot from saving money and you can make things stretch. No one wants to feel like a failure or negatively compared to someone else even if there are small moments to appreciate but if can be difficult with multiple rejections, spending hours on an unsuccessful job applications or upset at not even hearing back from an interview. Taking time out to take stock and embrace the positive things is incredibly important as is your mental health (especially when things don't go your way), I'm lucky in that I have no real responsibilities but it can help surrounding yourself with positive, supportive folks and taking joy from other things such as yummy food, adventures out, family / friend days and discovering some new love with older items.

How do you stay happy when your professional life doesn't go your way?

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