Being Inspired #05

Being Inspired #05.1.JPG

When our creative juices run dry it can be an unproductive and frustrating time especially if you're ready to take the next steps to finesse your style even further, of late I've been in the unmotivated funk so when a lack of inspiration strikes it's time to take in fresh sources. I'm a highly visual person (and adore discovery new artists to obsess over) so immersing myself in new work can be that injection of confidence you need to move forward and play with your own creative work regardless of its form. For me some great research sites come in the form of Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram so here are some images I've fallen hook, line and sinker for: be it for their use of colour, texture or design. What images and art style do you love at the minute? What is currently inspiring you?

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Apart from the above image none of these images are mine, they belong to other talented artists unfortunately I haven't been able to identify all the images and their creators but if you happen to know then feel free to let me know ...


What is inspiring you at the minute?

Be it artists or other creatives?

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