Beating The (Belly) Bloat

It's a fact that all of us will inevitably feel a little bloated now and again, when you don't feel 100% in yourself it can be frustrating and can determine how you percieve yourself, plus you may not be so tempted wear that amazing outfit you've been saving. The body can be a highly temperamental beast and you can bloat for a whole host of reasons with a few including: diet, stress, medication, time of the month and it can differ on a day to day basis with it sometimes bringing varying degrees of pain. So in helping to battle the puff up of the stomach here are a few things I've learned in trying keep the bloat down a peg or to. How do keep your stomach from swelling?

Since I began my gradual weightloss and fitness journey, I needed to analyse where my key areas were that needed more work, it's clear where my body likes to store unwanted fat and (in)conveniently one of those places happens to be where your body can fluctuate the most - the stomach. I call it my potato pouch. 

Fitness Is Your Friend

Although I'm the first to admit that exercise isn't my greatest love however I'm also more than happy to sing its praises, with my weekly visits to the gym I've not only noticed a difference in my waistline in general but it can also physically enhance your mood. Those endorphins can be highly influential in your happiness levels and it's surprising how goo it feels when you come back to fitness. Getting the body moving can exercise both your outside and insides, even the not so glamorous parts making digestion a little easier.

Staying Hydrated

Although deemed boring, water is a great all round saviour in terms of health and taking small but steady sips throughout the day instead of sporadic guzzles can keep you hydrated without pushing your stomach out too much. I wrote an earlier post all about the the benefits of water and how to get it into your system especially with the warmer weather heading our way, you can find it here.

Limit Caffeine & Alcohol

They say when trying to lose weight is to not drink your calories, as well as being easy to creep up on you in that respect, these are also diuretics meaning you'll want to pee more and those nutrients plus that hydration you've so desperately tried to maintain with the above point will be gone in one fail swoop - then you'll be left with whatever is left in the drink. Carbonated drinks are made from carbon dioxide (the fizzy bubbles) and when they travel into your stomach they can make you feel uncomfortable, gassy and sometimes bloated.

Take A Look At Your Food

Food can be one of the biggest influences as to why your stomach enlarges, having a closer look what goes in can help identify those food (and types) that may not be so agreeable with you, no matter how much you like them. A culprit for me is white bread, I love it but it's not always reciprocal in it's affections. Starch or salty items like bread can be the cause in retaining water and it may be better in limiting these just before bed so your body is not working overtime to sort out any digestive issues which in turn can also affect your sleep. Those healthy whizz kids also advise that incorporating a fibre rich diet is the way forward and foods that claim to help soothe a bloated belly include:

  • Kiwi
  • Bananas
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Asparagus
  • Cucumbers
  • Pineapple
  • Tomatos 
  • Ginger
  • Oats
  • Water
  • Carrots
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Fennel
  • Turmeric 


Posture Is Key

How you hold yourself can also factor into how your body works, if your posture is usually sat in a cramped or slumped position it can be restrictive to your digestive tract and can trap unwanted gas. As I'm usually found relaxing something to be mindful of going forward is how I position myself and limbs. Here's to hopefully a slimmer appearance.

How do you look after your your stomach and ease any bloating?

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