Battling A Sunburn & The Essentials

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The sun has officially (and finally) come out to play in the UK and although it's still a little hit and miss at times in general the heat is on the up. As someone who is blessed (or cursed) with skin so pale Snow White would be envious of it, eventually a burn thanks to the Summer sun will happen. During the warmer months it's incredibly important to protect and hydrate yourself against the beautiful rays so the effect of your damaged skin isn't as bad. Here are some essentials in my sunburn fighting kit, what do you need?

Sun Spray

Whilst the sun's rays are glorious and can make any day out that much more enjoyable, they have the potential to be really harmful to your skin if you don't take the proper care. Sun protection is the most vital step in fending off a sunburn which makes any associated items an important addition to your arsenal and should be an all year round thing not just a seasonal deal (although I admit this is something I need to incorporate more). This year I've become a real advocate for the Sun 'invisible' sprays over creams or lotions which can be a controversial to some but it's easier, faster doesn't leave my hands greasy plus doesn't leave me and my body feeling 'heavy' with a day of cream application. There is an argument that lotion is considered better than sprays (an interesting comparison can be found here) but weighing up the options of how I apply vs how often I apply - spray is king for me. In terms of brands I'm forever a Nivea girl as I know there products are reliable and easy to use.

Big T-Shirt

Something that has been ingrained into me from a very small age is the necessity of a cover up for your skin, now admittedly you can get more glamourous options that are more flattering but when at the beach I'm more than happy to traipse about in a T-shirt that is 3 or 4 sizes bigger than my usual. It gives your skin a break from the sun, hiding it away but it can also make being by the pool or beach a little less self-conscious or worrying - especially if it's a busy location. It can be a way of feeling more relaxed, more confident so you can put more energy into having a good time.


Staying hydrated can be a harder task to complete in Summer when the sun beats down it can be all to easy to forget to take a sip let alone up your water intake. Liquids can be a big assistance when it comes to combating the negative effects of the sun, when you've had too much of the heat it can take the form of making you physically ill and dehydration can cause headaches making you woozy or sometimes sick. It's a horrible feeling and can take away from the awesome day you've had. It may be hassle to constantly carry but a waterbottle can be your best buddy.



Whilst prevention is the best cure against being burnt, unfortunately those harmful rays can still get to you despite hiding in the shade or multiple applications which makes treatment a huge factor. Nivea Aftersun has been my companion of choice for a number of years and because of it's ingredients e.g. aloe vera it can be cool and refreshing on your skin - it can be the instant relief you're looking for after a day of crisping in the sun. These types of products can help relieve you of potential heat, swelling, redness and some of the pain that can be bed depending on your degree of burn, Lobster-like colouring can be incredibly sore. Unfortunately if your skin peels the only course is to let it do it's thing in it's own time without itching or picking, which is where aftersun can help again. other products that use camomile may also be able to soothe your skin.


Although aftersun is great at cooling and helping the healing process which some much needed hydration but extra moisture is never a bad thing. When you've been frolicking  in the sunshine your skin can become dry, stretched and sore. These effects can be lessened by the use of more product (it can also be a preventative measure in some cases), being soft and supply can stop you from feeling stiff plus help your skin's sensitivity levels from the burn, if you put it in the fridge before you leave you can come back to a cooling sensation.

Some Extra Tips:

#01 || Suncream or spray should be applied every 2-3 hours (generously - must try harder) especially after swimming or sweating a lot in the heat

#02 || Find and hide in the shade

#03 || 10am to 4pm is usually the hottest period of the day and the most damaging so being aware of this can help with prevention

#04 || Turn the temperature down when in the shower 

#05 || Don't rub your skin after a shower, pat, as it can be painful

#06 || Food items like milk, tea and potato slices can be effective natural soothers

#07 || Avoid scratching at all costs

#08 || Putting pjs in the fridge can be really cooling for your body after a bun whilst sleeping

What is in your sun burn fighting arsenal?

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