Attempting The 10 x 10 Challenge

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This year I wanted to try and push myself creatively by completing small activities such as participating in my Instagram stories or embracing challenges such as the '10 x 10' for the Summer season. Inspired by Sophie of Private Life Of A Girl, this task looks at everyday style, consumerism and the practicalities or limitations of it. I wanted to discuss my experiment of 10 days with only 10 items of clothes to mix and match, have you finished this task? What does your everyday style look like?

After watching the challenge on instagram and the reading the related blog posts, Sophie did an amazing job of breaking down her motivations, problems and eventual realisations all of which was done with her own brilliant minimalist style. Another great reference is the originator of this project Lee from Style Bee, where she gives a rundown of the basics and her own interpretations. Both are serious must reads for any lover of style and anyone wanting to assess their wardrobe usage. I wanted to attempt this challenge with my own wardrobe to see what would happen. 

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The Rules

Now these can differ between participant, due to the current season or how strict you wish to be with yourself. The basics dictate that it's completed over 10 days creating daily outfits from  only 10 items of clothing and the results must be shared however these 'rules' can bend depending on what you wish. As I chose to try this in Summer (which can bring sun, sweat and humidity) I chose to follow the basic rules but I could change out of the outfits after a significant amount of time, this was done purely to feel a little fresher during the heat. Lee from Style Bee gave a bigger limitation of 20 x 20 which on reflection could have helped me keep within the challenge mindset. 

Choosing The Items

Knowing which pieces to style can be tough as you may have to whittle out a lot of your usual stash but one way that can help is to research the upcoming weather for the next week, the UK weather can be incredibly changeable to planning for all situations can be difficult. I so happened to choose a week of glorious sunshine, despite loving the sun my body doesn't easily deal with excessive heat so choosing items that were loose and breathable were imperative.

The Clothing Menu


1 x Leggings

1 x Black Midi Skirt

1 x Black Short

1 x Stripe Dress




1 x Black Strap Top

1 x White Strap Top

1 x Stripe Shirt

1 x Grid Shirt (oversized)

1 x Grey Cardigan

Items Not Included

Some guys and girls will include within their 10 items choice accessories, depending on how severe you wish to be with the challenge. As this was my first time I didn't want to limit myself too much so I decided not to incorporate:

 - Shoes  //  Dressing Gown  //  Coats // - 

What is not included:

 - Underwear  // Undershorts (just for rub)  //  Accessories (e.g. Jewellery & Bags)  //  Hats, Scarves & Gloves - 

What I found Through This

Although my stint with the 10 x 10 project was brief it made me realise quite a few things and helps support why I would try it again. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the full 10 days I miscalculated the dates and I forgot about my on impending holiday plus all the preparations that go with it meaning it had to be cut short.

The Not So Good

#01 || Even though I couldn't finish the whole 10 x 10 days because of the layout it still gave me enough time to note the flaws in my current style set up. In continuing from a plus point in that it can have a more negative edge in that whilst I like my general aesthetic it has highlighted how limited it can be. I've fallen back on my reliant items like leggings or big shirts when I should be a little bit more creative at times. It showed a nearly all monochromatic selection with almost no colour and no fun. For the majority I prefer simple, minimalist lines that exaggerate my figure or hide it all with an abundance in comfort but part of me likes a pop of the quirky: be it the colour, design or little touches. I've seriously been neglecting that element of my ideals.

#02 || I realised that I'd gotten very lazy with what I pick in the morning partly for ease and partly because I don't really go out and I didn't see the point of dressing up for nothing however it can encourage more positive, productive thoughts throughout the day. It can be lovely to dress up just because you feel like it and want to feel attractive in your own skin.

#03 || This challenge highlighted that I mostly purchase from the same fast fashion brands over and over again which can be good in terms of price which is great as I don't have regular employment (boo) but ethics wise they're not always the most conscientious plus quality is not always the highest. I would love more variety and quality but right now me and my purse strings can't afford it.

The Good

#01 || It helped push my outfit choices, thinking ahead of what each day needed and what I thought would look good on me adding something more to my morning routine. It felt good to make more effort with what I had, no matter how limited the amount of clothes I had to play with, making me want to try more things with the rest of my wardrobe. It was noticeable that on the days I wasn't in my usual pjs or casual attire felt a rise in confidence. Balancing practicality, weather and how much previous use each item does have an impact of which clothes you pick.

#02 || A benefit of doing this brought to light that although in general I like my style however I'm not using it to it's full potential, I tend to play it safe and wear the the same outfit day in, day out. This mini project shone a light onto the fact that I have some great clothes and budding ideas that I'm just not exploring. Instead of reaching for the same outfit on repeat it's good to step back and pick something you may not have readily gone for.

#03 || This year I wanted to embrace more forms of creativity and how to express them, this challenge helped with how I see my current style, it's principles and what I want to change going forward. Style is all about how we want to strut out into the world and show the world a bit of ourselves. This task although small has a bigger impact then first thought and I'd be glad to attempt this when the next seasons rolls around.


Have you completed the 10 x 10 Challenge? Would you try it?

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