A Summer Wardrobe Update

Just recently my wardrobe went through a major sort out, with a cull of older and unworn items plus a refresh of current pieces, it became apparent that that as well as hoarding all the pjs I was lacking in certain areas such as related Summer essentials and a pop of colour. The warmer months are not only an odd ones for us Brits mostly because of how temperamental it is but despite all the good things it can bring it's not my most loved time of the year (I can't deal with heat) but this section needed more attention. Here are a few recent items I've added to my wardrobe. What have you been buying for the Summer season?

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Stripe Shirt (New Look)

Call me a sucker for a good stripe especially when coupled by a shirt design, this was never going to walked past without a second a glance - say hello to my open arms. I feel hard for the graphic, monochromatic design but it was also a good purchase for the warmer weather as it's constructed out of linen which makes it incredibly breathable in the heat. As this was bought in the in-store Summer sale it was only available in 2 sizes too big however I'm a lover of comfort and the oversized so it's a winner for me but as this is slightly shorter in length it would look great with a your actual sizes with a tighter fit. This is something that could work well when paired with shorts, legging, jeans or tucked into skirts.

 - Item is now out of stock but similar can be found

Jeggings (Primark)

Despite my hate of the word 'jeggings', it was time to upgrade my usual leggings to something more durable and can be a more comfortable dupe for jeans. I've been out of love with jeans for a couple of years now due to their lack of flexibility and not always finding the perfect fit, I just never found the confidence (or desire) to pour myself into them again. Although not as high waisted as I'd prefer but I find Primark is an excellent affordable way to test out new items in regards to style - then further investments can be made.

- Alternative online options from ASOS found


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Gym / Cycling Shorts (Primark)

My body is slowly but surely changing over time due to exercise but there are still parts that aren't quite there yet and don't quite fit with certain outfit ideas. When Summer rolls around it's prime time to bring out all the pretty dresses and bust out the bare pins but having thighs that meet, that can cause a lot of pain, can make you more hesitant when you want to go on adventures and dress more appropriately. In order to protect my inner thighs and provide more freedom when wearing shorter lengths, I thought it time to try something new with shorts instead of grimacing through the warmer months. Not only do they have the previous benefits but can also help to suck you in which is always a plus if like me you want to hide the jiggle.

 - Alternative online options from Decathlon found here

Yellow Dress (Boohoo)

Colour is not in a majority with my wardrobe especially not a daring shade such as yellow but sometimes a change from the norm can give your wardrobe a welcome injection of fresh air. The style is shorter wrap dress with a t-shirt sleeves, a wrap dress can be an easy throw on alternative that can help exaggerate your curves but too tight and it could cling to some of those unwanted lumps and bumps. The bright colour means it doesn't need all the styling as it can easily stand alone but it can work well with simple black or white accompaniments. Although Boo hoo can be hit and miss in terms of quality but for the price and my seasonal wear it's something I'm willing to try especially as I'm still experimenting with colour.

 - Monnie dress found here


Rain Mac (New Look)

As our Summer goes through periods of heatwaves and heavy rain it was time I actually bought a jacket that was suitable for the weather, a complete spur of the moment purchase that was sweetened by the sale discount was this blue beauty of an anorak. Although it's a size smaller than my actual one it still fits, which is not only a rare occurrence but it also brings to mind the heart eyes emoji. It's light, waterproof with a hood and roomy pockets which makes it a great choice for days out in our mercurial season.

 - Blue matte anorak found here

Swimsuit (New Look)

As I've mentioned before me and my body aren't quite on the same page so to feel a little more comfortable on holiday or swimming when almost baring all, this year said hello to a swimsuit for the first time in years. This design stood out to me partly because I was in a mad rush for holiday purchases, partly because of the bright red shade which I thought would look alright with paler than pale skin and golden hair but mostly the design. The shape consists of cutouts and fabric crossovers making it more flattering on my natural shape plus hides some of my carb sins - I thought this would suit my style more than a simple one piece which may not be as forgiving as I'd like. I've since found it comes in black and blue colour options which are far too tempting.

 - Red cut out wrap front swimsuit found here

Chelsea Boots (Primark)

My usual shoe choice is a comfy trainer but some situations call for a slightly smarter style, so to extend my love of boots I chose the chelsea boot. They work with a whole range of outfit choices and never fail to add a bit of effortless simplicity or chic to your feet, yes the rhyme was unintentional. They're casual but with a more pulled together vibe.

  - Alternative online option found here

What have you added to your Summer wardrobe?

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