A Few Plans For The Blog

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After a few weeks off the grid it's given me time to reflect on the things I want and make a start on some new ideas for this for this space. for a while I've felt it's been an uphill struggle to produce quality content partly because there doesn't seem enough time to fit everything in (including other lifestyle areas) but also as I felt a little lost at sea with what this blog stands for. After my last post on where I've been during some quiet time touched upon a few plans but this post should delve into more detail of what you can see in the near future (it also serves as my tick sheet plus makes me more likely to attempt it).  Do you have any plans for your blog?          

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A Schedule Reshuffle

Like most folks, I work well within a designated schedule and for the past year and half the 4 days a week routine was mostly a success (with a few days off here and there) but now, despite the effort and joy, it's getting to be too much - plus there are a few more fluff / filler posts than I'm happy with. it came to a point where I was either sacrificing rest / sleep or great content as blogging is only something I can do a few hours after work and at the weekend. When the idea to lessen the blog output was first broached I dismissed it as it felt like it would've been a step back. However going down to 3 days a week has actually been a bit of a blessing in disguise, it's actually provided more time to dedicate to planning the content I can get excited about, there's more time to play with design aspects and proofreading plus more room for experimentation.    

Photography Playtime

it's no secret that photography and imagery in general are my kryptonite; meaning you'll often find me admiring some kind of design aspect be it online, in a book or other aspects like architecture but in terms of my own blog photography and content style I still haven't quite found my natural groove or I go in and out of capturing 'it'.  Every now and again it's takes a pause to realise you've lost your way in terms of focus, whilst I've adored some of the past topics I've covered it's been a little scattered in what I want to say as person, 'brand' or creative. As photography is such a big passion it makes sense to have (or attempt to) a more consistent theme, there will still be lifestyle to add variety but hopefully it'll be less random in terms of interests, I'm building a few ways that I can build a more defined theme that I can happily sustain.

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Introduce A Newsletter

The idea of a newsletter was a foreign concept as it seemed for folks with an already established business or people with a much bigger following than myself but thanks to quite a few internet folks praising the benefits of such a concept and how it can be a great way to build your site further. It's a more effective way to send fresh content, freebies, behind the scenes action, links to relevant posts and find contacts for future big plans and endeavours all whilst giving more to a potential audience. Hopefully in the very near-future there is scope to introduce another new element that brings a little more to the table.

Sell On Etsy

Making a few pennies (and I really do mean pennies) from something your passionate about was an issue that was discussed when I studied Photography during college and a route was creating stock imagery. Earlier this year I made the big step to allow my imagery to be sold here on the site, now although I've made no money from this path as yet however it's something that can be built on. I've discovered through my time as photography teacher and blogger I've realised I like creating imagery, which can come in all forms from highly stylised to following a colour theme or aspects of nature or architecture - there are stock images that are available for any kind of project or business and I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. Selling on etsy can give me the possibility of not only broadcasting to a bigger audience with a link to my blog but enough separation that I can explore different styles away from my creative space on the internet. As 2017 wasn't always the greatest year, it would be good to come home in 2018 to know that something I had made can be helpful to someone else in their adventures - which would be an amazing personal boost.

Create A New Brand Design

As you may know the big move to Squarespace happened in March of this year, it welcomed in a new design, features and the ability to support future plans. However after using and working with the blog for the majority of the year plus taking a step back to truly consider how things are done and what I want - it's time to start building a 'brand'. The voice of the blog at the minute does not seem so fully formed or coherent as it could be, it needs a fair few tweaks to make it truly fit for (my) purpose and although it will probably be a new year goal to accomplish it's been good to have my own creative project again complete with working sketchbook. Doing certain design exercises and exploring what I want this blog to stand for all whilst hopefully being taken more a little more seriously, has been fun and it's incredibly exciting in terms of ideas but there will possibly be a few tribulations before the beautiful finished product is ready for display. 


What plans do you have for your blog?

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