A Few Fail Safe Photo Prop Ideas

When blogging, sometimes it can be hard to think of how to compose a corresponding image with your given blog post, having some kind of correlation between words and photography can make it seem more fluid to a potential audience. Building a stock of reliable props can benefit your overall style and possibly help develop an on-going within your work. What are your favourite blog photo props to use?


Admittedly beauty content is not something I tackle on a regular basis but it can make an appearance, these posts can be some of the most popular so creating an attractive image can be helped along with these related items:

Makeup  //  Skincare  //  Nail varnish  //  Any kind of beauty tool e.g. brushes, razor, clippers, eyelash curler  //  Hairbrush  //  Beauty books & magazines  //  Press releases  //  Drawings  // Tissues & swatches  //  Dedicated storage  //  Mirrors  //  Hair products  // Bath & shower accessories // Toothbrush & paste  //  Makeup bags  // Suncream & Summer essentials  //  Lip balm  //


This is a topic that could encompass so many different types of blog posts and subjects however this is where you can be a little bit free or generic with your image styling:

Bed linen  //  Clothes & accessories e.g. scarves & hats//  Iphone or Ipod  //  Camera  //  Magazines & books //  Stationary  //  Vinyls, Cds & DVDs  //  Photographs  //  Home decor  //  Postcards  //  Trinkets & toys  //  Candles  //  Lego  // Purse  //  Jewellery  //  Watches  //  Wallpaper  //  Handbags  //  Shoes  //  Different fabrics & textures  //

Fitness & Health

Although this can be a difficult, sometimes very personal subject to handle but at times it can be one of the most creative to play around with:

Gym gear  //  Shakers  //  Trainers  //  Weights & other equipment  //  Prepared food  //  Crockery  //  Fitness tracker  //  Iphone  // Gym bag  //  Headphones & music  //  Gym lock  //


As a creator it's inevitable you'll make content applicable to your format and as blogging is a frequent topic for me it's worth the inclusion, some items can include:

Laptop  //  Notebooks  //  Stationary  //  Computer mouse  //  Blog book  //  Planner  //  Phone  //  Tablet or Ipad  //  Camera  //  Remote  //  Desk supplies  //  SD cards  // 

What are your favourite blog props?

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