Welcome To The New Not Copper Armour

Welcome to the new Not Copper Armour.jpg

For the past few days those of who have beady eyes will have noticed my almost complete absence from the social media / blogging world and the reason is because Not Copper Armour has undergone a major overhaul, I did this to push my site to new heights. I made the move to Squarespace to not only add a more professional edge but to have the capability to do more and create a bigger community. So say hello to the new site, feel free to take a gander. Where do you host your blog? And why?

Although I had been faithful to Blogger for a few years (and still believe it is a great starting point for any blogger not wishing to spend money) I grew stifled at the odd formatting, image quality and the limitations of what I could do with it. I had wanted to make the move to Squarespace for a long time however generating the confidence and momentum to do so took longer to surface. The blog now reflects more of the mantras I wish to convey such as:

#01 || Show more versatility

#02 || Always have somewhere to explore

#03 || Showcase more creativity for myself and others

#04 || ... And hint at future plans

Welcome To The New Not Copper Armour.jpg
Welcome to the new Not Copper Armour.jpg

Theme & Colour

Squarespace has over 20+ in built themes which you can customise to suit your needs, in the end (after much deliberation) I plumped for the Hayden Theme as I felt it was a good all rounder with a clean design. With inclusion of blocks when building your posts it makes blogging so much easier. An important element that I wished to include was a working colour scheme that could benefit the overall brand of the site and the obvious choice was a blue, white and sparing grey. To lead up to the impending jump I created blue related posts that hinted at the possible change which helped link to future posts. The reasons behind this colour scheme include:

#01 || It's a relaxing, calming tone

#02 || Blue can link a huge range in terms of the colour spectrum

#03 || White is a colour that can emphasise and link other tonal ranges

#04 || Blue is a generic colour that can appeal to both sexes

#05 || It's my favourite colour

Welcome to the new Not Copper Armour.jpg

Let's Take A Peek At The Refresh

About Me:

I've never been very confident when the camera lens points my way but I think it's important in building relationships to show your face every now and again just to prove you're a real person with real views. After 3x attempts there was success which helped build a revamped profile page; with a new image and accompanying words. There is also a 'get to know me' questionnaire that can shed a new light of some of my lifestyle loves plus with the addition of a contact form it can open up more conversation if you wish.


One reason why the big move took such a long time is that when all past posts where transferred over the formatting decided to have a party meaning it had to be sorted and organised back into something smoother. With 300+ posts to go through and I believe if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing it properly which meant a lot of long nights and supportive texts from the boy. 


The archives have also been given a spruce with new image orientation and include separate pages for lifestyle, photography, blogging, style and fitness, with all featuring some of Not Copper Armour's most popular posts and accompanying 'search bar'.

Welcome to the new Not Copper Armour.jpg


The biggest (exciting) evolution for the site is the inclusion of a shop, this was a huge step to take but as I have a lot of ideas to play with this was the platform to get the ball rolling.  The first product in the shop is 'The Woodland Wanders', an amalgamation of the shapes and colours found in nature. This photo bundle can be yours for a one-off payment, with royalty free images you can incorporate them into your social presence e.g. branding or blog posts. With an accompanying blog post soon to come on the latest bundle, the motivation behind setting up the shop and what the future holds for it.

The Little Bits:

As well as the big pages and changes it's also the little details that can make the difference such as on individual blog posts the header is now purposely different to any other. There is now a 'calendar' featured on various pages which can help if you're looking for specific posts as is the 'search bar'. With a snazzy new landing page and smarter individual pages it's made space bigger. There is also a dedicated homepage that includes all relevant links to the pages but it also gives an overview of my blog, social media links, shop and gives a hint of me as a creator.

Welcome to the new Not Copper Armour.jpg

What do you think of the new site?

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