4 Blogging Tools Worth The Splurge

Blogging is something that can transition into an occasional enjoyable passion into a fully functioning dream of a job. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it could be that you're ready to take your blog to the next level - despite the huge amount of free blogging tools available sometimes it's worth spending a few (or a lot) to push your site in new ways.


Signing up to sites like Blogger or Wordpress will automatically give you your own distinctive URL but it can seem slightly unprofessional to an audience (and you) as it still belongs to your host, over time you can feel a disconnect between how you wish to present your blog. Buying your own domain can give you a full sense of ownership and responsibility for your space and a major plus is that domains can be cheap as chips with places like GoDaddy charging £2.99 - if I'm willing to pay approximately that much for a meal deal, it's something to consider paying monthly to elevate your space. This can be very personal as it can give a huge confidence boost to you and your content, knowing it is yours.


Images are a key part of blogging they can help introduce a topic and build a strong visual aesthetic, when I was teaching photography an important concept to get across to the students was that you don't need the newest, most expensive camera to create stunning imagery. When just starting out phones, although they may not have the same capabilities as a DSLR, can still be a versatile and high quality option when creating for your site. A DLSR camera is a big investment to make especially if you're not entirely sure if your venture is something you'll sustain, some models can cost anywhere from £300 whilst others can be over £1000. As photography has been my interest for years and was something I've been able to study I'm happy with a mid-price point option (I'm a Nikon girl for personal preference) but I paid a little more for a vari-angle flip out screen, which was worth the splurge. A great middle of the road ideal could be something like a 'vlogging' camera as they are more portable and less expensive overall with still awesome specifications. It's all about assessing what you need in a camera, what would benefit your blog and what you're prepared to spend.


A big part of creating your blogging space is about what you can currently do with it coupled with the potential scope to broaden your ideas and business - this is in part influenced by the limitations of where your blog is hosted. For a long time I was with Blogger, for any new website it's an incredible free starting point and any HTML that you want can easily be implemented however over time my love began to wane as I became frustrated by several factors including the idea that I couldn't play with any bigger ideas that could push Not Copper Armour a little further. Since the move to Squarespace I haven't looked back, it is more expensive especially if you wish to sell products through them but you can put more of you into your site, there are so many possibilities for more great content and you're paying for a good technical support too. Which if you're with something like Blogger there are many late nights of your own research to fix a problem or work around how to add more items.


I use a lot of props in my pictures and I think they can really draw an audience plus make words that much more attractive, items be it there colour, shape or purpose can including a whole variety of different objects including but not limited to:

  • CDs, Vinyls & Headphones
  • Letter Light Box
  • Blankets & Textures
  • Bedding
  • (Faux) Flowers
  • General Trinkets
  • Post Cards
  • White & Coloured Backgrounds
  • Crockery & Kitchenware
  • (Fairy) Lights
  • Stationary
  • Magazines & Books

You can use everyday items such as your clothing and jewellery but spending a few pennies on dedicated blogging props can boost your aesthetics, which can elevate your styling technique and the interplay of details and structures - you could slowly welcome in new type of cohesive presentation theme. It can take years to evolve your blogging style but it's worth the work.

Other Ways To Up Your Blog

#01 || Advertising: A great way to get your blog out there is to pay other folks to advertise your space, with so many packages available at varying price points (some under £10) it's a really affordable way to gain views and followers. Plus it puts money in the hands of fellow creators and people who inspire you.

#02 || Courses: Thanks to other entrepreneurs they have created some great courses that can cater to your needs such as A Beautiful Mess (a major inspirational space) , with Instagram, Photoshop and even Scrapbooking classes to follow they're an absolute wonder if you're looking to broaden your skills. If you're not wholly comfortable in your abilities you can always go through the self taught route but you can also employ someone you admire to fill in the blanks and extrapolate their knowledge for you. 

What blogging items have you bought to push your space?


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