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Hi I’m Emma

Welcome & hello to my little corner of the internet

I’m a photographer & blogger from The Midlands (UK), who appreciates minimal design, creativity, stationery & lashings of mashed potatoes.


About Not Copper Armour

Blogging wasn’t always in my scope but it came to life during my Photography degree in a (very basic) previous form as an online portfolio. It was a way to keep my hand in with ‘creating’, especially when the course ended. That was until I began juggling full time work & a Teaching degree, I craved a creative release from the routine I found myself in. When I pressed publish on my first blog post, I had found an outlet for me, my camera & thoughts. If you appreciate discussions on creativity, photography & the occasional lifestyle related post I’m your girl.

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The ‘Creativity’ Conversation

After nearly a year of unhappy unemployment I finally secured a 9-5 office job role, this position over time developed into a monotonous daily pattern that sparked a really bad patch in my mental health. So many hours of my week were spent on someone else & pushing their business forward that there was barely any time for myself or my priorities (or those I cared about). Not only that but there was no time for a full recharge both mentally & physically. I wanted to escape this pattern & give myself more of the creative freedom I craved through establishing new routines. Now I want to continue on my journey & share it with others who also need that permission slip to be selfish, create time for creativity plus inject a bit more joy into daily habits.

Something I’m passionate about is saying yes to creativity.

It’s a form of self-care. It’s a form of expression that can be all our own & it can be found in so many places, in some cases encompassing our whole lifestyle. You don’t have to be super smart or even an artist per se, there is an outlet for everyone. Creativity is not just art related it can be making fresh connections with whatever you’re passionate about regardless of the sector you find yourself in, it can be found in the smallest of moments & gestures. Whether your passion is found in more ‘traditional’ art-based media or not, it’s all relevant to your well being. Having that "thing" that makes you smile can be a big help in combating the grind of daily life that we can all sometimes feel.

For me, my one true love is photography. With a university degree under my belt, hired by corporate & smaller companies to create their imagery plus many teaching hours on the subject; it has meant I always want to pass on my affection for photography & creativity in general.

Creativity is a necessity, it can give you the inspiration to push yourself & give you an escape that is all your own.


it’s time we all said hello to that creative freedom !

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