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Hi I’m Emma

Welcome & hello to my little corner of the internet

I’m a nearly 30-something photographer & blogger from The Midlands (UK), who appreciates minimal design, stationery & lashings of mashed potatoes.


About Not Copper Armour


Blogging wasn’t always in my scope but it came to life during my Contemporary Photography Practice degree in a previous incarnation as a sort of online portfolio for my work. It was a way to keep my hand in especially when the course ended. That was until I began juggling full time work & my Teaching degree, I craved some creativity; some kind of release. When I pressed publish on my actual first blog post I realised I had found an outlet for me, my camera & thoughts. If you appreciate discussions on creativity, photography & the occasional lifestyle related post I’m your girl.

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The Creativity Conversation


Something I’m passionate about is saying yes to creativity. It’s a form of self-care. It’s a form of expression that can be all our own & it can be found in so many places, in some cases encompassing our whole lifestyle. You don’t have to be super smart or even a specialist, there is an outlet for everyone. Whether your passion is found in more traditional art-based media or not like: lego building, gardening, writing, knitting, styling, baking or anything else – it’s all relevant to your well being.

For me, my one true love is photography. With a university degree under my belt, hired by corporate & smaller companies to document jobs plus many teaching hours on the subject has meant I always want to pass on my affection for photography or creativity in general. Photography has seen me through many highs & the lows plus become a major factor in my positivity -  having that "thing" that makes you smile can be a big help in combating the drudgery of the 9-5 that we can all sometimes feel. & it’s why I want to sing from the rooftops about finding your spark & happy place.

Creativity is a necessity, it can give you the inspiration to push yourself & give you an escape that is all your own.


it’s time we all said hello to that creative freedom !

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